Car loan at bank.

Lendoff Bank offers favorable loan conditions for a car purchase. Although the bank does not offer a special product with a separate car loan option, you can get a regular loan on favorable terms. If you compare the interest rate on a loan at Lendoff Bank with the offers of leading credit organizations in Russia, the figures will speak in favor of an online bank.

Benefits of a car loan in Lendoff

Benefits of a car loan in Lendoff

The advantages of obtaining a loan to buy a car at Lendoff Bank are as follows:

  • loan interest rate is 14.9%. Similar figures can be seen in the prospectuses of other banks, which offer to issue a car loan;
  • remote registration and maintenance system allows you to rationally manage your personal time. It is convenient for residents of megacities, as well as remote villages;
  • no need to provide a statement of funds spent. Most banks require confirmation papers on the purchase of a car – the targeted use of funds. Lendoff Bank respects and trusts customers;
  • lack of restrictions on the purchased transport, that is, it is allowed to buy a model of domestic or foreign production, new or used.

The above advantages allow you to make the right choice.

Conditions for obtaining a car loan in Lendoff

Conditions for obtaining a car loan in Lendoff

A car loan at Lendoff Bank is a standard loan, where the minimum amount is 50,000 USD and the maximum is 1 million USD. The client has the right to spend the received funds in full on the purchase of a vehicle or as a missing part. In individual cases, the bank goes towards the client, increases the amount of the declared amount. Car loans vary from 3 months to 3 years.

A car loan at any bank is considered a special loan, for which you need to report. If the client has violated the requirements of a financial institution, then he will have to pay the fine prescribed in the contract. At Lendoff Bank, car loan conditions are as loyal as possible – no reports. He decides how the client will manage the funds received. It does not matter the whole amount will be used to buy a car or only a part.

The interest rate at Lendoff Bank varies from: 14.9% to 24.9% per annum. These figures practically do not differ from those offered by competing banks for car loans.

A loan interest can be reduced on the following conditions:

  • long-term cooperation with the bank;
  • availability of a card on which wages are charged;
  • use of other products of the bank;
  • net credit history.

To find out where the most favorable conditions for car loans, you need to send applications to several financial institutions.

Ways to get a loan at Lendoff Bank

Ways to get a loan at Lendoff Bank

Making a loan to buy a car at Lendoff Bank starts with filing an application. To do this, fill in the relevant information fields. If the client received a positive response, the representative of the financial institution will issue a debit card online. Money will be credited to it in the amount approved by the bank.

To cash the declared amount, you must activate the card using a simple instruction. After performing the above operations, the client gains access to the money. When making purchases by bank transfer, the percentage for using the card is not charged. When you withdraw less than 3000 USD, a certain percentage is withdrawn, and there is also no cash back.

Where to pay monthly payments?

You can pay for a car loan in Lendoff in the following ways:

  • on the bank’s official website in the “Personal Account” tab;
  • using a mobile application;
  • through the terminals;
  • from the card of any bank.

When depositing money on a loan, only in some cases a transaction fee will be charged.

Brief Summary

Having issued a car loan at Lendoff Bank, the client receives favorable conditions, a low interest rate on the purchase of a new or used car (domestic or foreign). Such conditions are provided by few financial institutions in Russia.

The only category of motorists who do not find benefit in the proposal is participants in state car loan programs. On the other hand, not everyone who wants to buy a car can participate in preferential programs. Lendoff Bank is always ready to support customers financially when buying a new car.


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