£ 15,000 grant from the John Sykes Foundation to the Whitley Aspire2 charity

The John Sykes Foundation presents a check for £ 15,000 to Aspire2

Submitted by the John Sykes Foundation

The John Sykes Foundation was delighted to present a check for £ 15,000 to Aspire2, based in Whitley, Berkshire, and founded in 2007.

This grant closed the financial gap in Aspire2’s long-standing ambition to rent two minibuses that will be used to transport entire classes of children to Whitley over the next five years to extracurricular activities, field trips to the beach, vacation clubs, etc. .

Aspire2 works in collaboration with 11 public schools in the Whitley Excellence Cluster, the Whitley Community Development Association (WCDA), the University of Reading and other stakeholder groups.

Aspire2 President Charlie Clare explained, “Providing transportation to a variety of places such as the countryside and the beach as well as sporting and cultural events can be difficult and expensive for schools and families.

“Having the minibuses will allow schools to offer a greater variety of experiences for children in our area of ​​Reading. Visits to places such as Ufton Adventure, museums, art galleries, theaters, etc. can be transformative.

“The charity Aspire2 strives to give children these experiences and develop them so that they can aspire to do what could have been unimaginable before.

“Therefore, this generous donation will go a long way in enabling Aspire2 to continue to provide non-statutory enrichment experiences directly and indirectly (by working with other organizations) and to have a sustainable future.”

The John Sykes Foundation, founded in 2014 by John Sykes, was established to improve the lives and well-being of individuals and communities in the town of Reading, Berkshire, where there is an element of disadvantage.

The charity provides grants to nonprofit groups, other registered charities and trusts, as well as to independently assist individuals who reside in the city.

John Sykes, Founder and Chairman of the Board, said: “We are delighted to have awarded a grant of £ 15,000 to Aspire2 to help them hire two minibuses for five years and have a more sustainable future.

“Aspire2 is a fantastic and must-have Whitley-based charity that helps children access extracurricular activities and provides them with opportunities that families normally cannot access. We can’t wait to see the minibuses in and around Reading, with many happy and excited faces. “

Apply for a grant or find out more about the John Sykes Foundation here.

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