A public safety complex has opened in Susquehanna County

A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the facility that houses the 911 center, emergency operations and other county offices under one roof.

NEW MILFORD, Pa. — Susquehanna County and state officials were on hand to cut the ribbon for the new public safety complex near Gibson. The 45,000 square foot facility houses the 911 call center and emergency operations services, as well as the coroner’s office, district magistrate and training facilities. It will also provide public space during major emergencies.

“Employees were a big part of the design and what was going on here. And all of the employees and their employees did a fantastic job. And it’s for our community, and it will serve our community for the next 50 years without problem.” Susquehanna County Commissioner Alan Hall said.

Funding for the $20 million facility came from natural gas drilling funds and state grants, allowing the county to build it with state-of-the-art technology and security, ensuring people are safe at the facility. interior.

“The walls are bulletproof, the glass is bulletproof, the doors are bulletproof. There are Kevlar doors in some areas. It’s as secure as it gets. We have capabilities that we never had before,” said EMA coordinator Scott Aylesworth.

The new facility underwent its first test following last week’s power outages in Susquehanna County. Aylesworth says having all of these departments under one roof allowed them to activate their plans more quickly and provided a place to help those without electricity – something they didn’t. not in old installations.

“I didn’t think we could ever have it all there. You know, if we have to get busy, we walk down the hall and you know, we’re ready to roll. There’s no lag on anything. either. It’s just wonderful,” Aylesworth said.

The county also held an open house for the public on Friday evening to tour the new facility.

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