BTS RM Art Museum Photos and Videos for Your Serotonin Boost

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Fans already know how much CONNECT BTS means to the members, even though it’s only been a few days since BTS launched their latest global art project. Both Jin and Jungkook discussed how the project would bring people together through variety, while Jungkook claimed it would bring attention to the connections between art and music.

Since RM is frequently photographed attending art exhibitions similar to the ones that CONNECT BTS will be presenting, the project must also be of great importance to him. Let’s look at five instances where RM demonstrated his lifelong appreciation for the arts.

As befits RM, who has previously visited art galleries in London, the CONNECT series, BTS has just opened with an exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries in London. RM made sure to schedule a time to visit London’s famous National Gallery before BTS headed there for their sold-out “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” performance at Wembley Stadium. London fans caught RM studying a famous Canaletto painting from the 1700s titled Venice: The Grand Canal with S. Simeone Piccolo, which depicts the city’s stunning architecture using perspective, light and colors. details.

RM frequently incorporates artistic excursions into BTS’s travel plans. RM posted photos of him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art taken when the band traveled to New York to perform at MetLife Stadium last May. In his footage, RM can be seen admiring a variety of well-known works of art, including Claude Monet’s Alley in the Poppy Fields. It seems the Met were also delighted to meet him. After his visit, they tweeted in Korean congratulating him for coming.

RM loves modern art as well as works of art that have been around for millennia. He posted images from his trip to Seoul’s solo exhibition Normal Life, which featured works by contemporary artist Kim Hee Soo, last September. In order for the viewer to visualize himself in the painting, the artist draws common individuals without expression or personality. For RM, who leads an anything but average life, it must be a special and rewarding experience!

Without an artistic journey, what would an RM vacation be? RM took a break in Jeju and went to the Bonte Museum, which showcases both conventional and contemporary Korean art and crafts. This remarkable installation, which is a small 4 x 4 meter room with mirrored walls and ceilings, has traveled the world. The audience is positioned on a platform in the center of the pool of water, with 100 different colored lights all around them.

Namjoon tweeted a photo of himself holding a large “moon pot”, also known as a dalhangari, during one of his last artistic excursions. These enormous pots are much more stunning than they appear as each is painstakingly constructed from two separate halves soldered together, using at least 40kg of clay. Kwon Dae Sup, the artist, originally planned to be a painter before he was suddenly inspired when he came across an old moon pot. Aware fans discovered that their idol actually saw the jars at Kwon’s house near Paldang Lake, Gyeonggi. Maybe RM couldn’t attend the artist’s exhibition at Park Ryu Sook Gallery earlier this month.

Hopefully RM and the other BTS members can attend the opening of the Seoul Expo later this month!

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