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TEWKSBURY — Superintendent Christopher Malone released the Tewksbury Public Schools District Report Card last week, an assessment provided by the Massachusetts Department of Education that shows how schools in the community are performing compared to other Commonwealth districts. .

Report card metrics are available for each school and for the district as a whole. The newsletter can be viewed at https://reportcards.doe.mass.edu/ and search for Tewksbury.

Malone’s letter highlighted “that Tewksbury Public Schools Grades 3-8 have outperformed the state in exceeding or meeting MCAS 2021 expectations in the areas of English, Language Arts (ELA) , mathematics and science (from 5th to 8th grade). Tewksbury Memorial High School outperformed the state at MCAS 2021 in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.

The district’s enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is 3,180 students, according to the District Profile from the Department of Elementary-Secondary Education.

Malone’s letter also explained that 92.2% of teachers in the district have taught in a Massachusetts public school for at least three years and 100% of teachers in Tewksbury are licensed.

“Across the district, 85.1% of students participate in art classes that include: visual arts, music, drama, dance and general arts, and 71.8% of 11th graders and Grade 12 have taken at least one advanced course that includes: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Project Lead the Way, dual enrollment for credit, approved vocational/technical co-op programs, and other rigorous coursework,” according to the letter.

Additional district information available on the DOE portal includes student attendance and discipline, district expenditures per student, detailed pass rates, advanced placement test performance and college graduates, among other categories.

Tewksbury’s data is compared against a variety of metrics, including similar districts, state averages, and cohort. Race, gender, and socioeconomic data are also available. Tewksbury had a graduation rate of over 96% for its class of 2020 and 68% of graduates attended a two- or four-year college or university, according to the district’s list.

Tewksbury’s student to teacher ratio is listed as 12.6 to 1 for the year 2020-21. It is important to note that not all data is available for all years in all DOE categories. There is a disclaimer on the website that states that the pandemic may have affected data for the 2020-2021 academic year and that comparisons between years should be approached with caution. In the major categories listed in the state report, Tewksbury exceeds state averages.

The letter also explains that parents or caregivers of students at a Title 1 school have the right to request specific information about a child’s teacher, including credentials and whether the teacher is operating under a waiver. Information on paraprofessionals may also be requested. Tewksbury is a Title 1 district, which means it receives federal funds to support low-income families by ensuring students are prepared for the state’s academic challenges.

Tewksbury’s four lower elementary schools are listed in Title 1.

Malone, who is leaving the district in late February, said in the letter, “We encourage you to get involved to help us improve our schools. We consider parents to be essential partners in the success of our students and our schools, and we are grateful for your continued support. »

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