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In 2023, less than two years after the completion and opening of the Northgate Link extension, Sound Transit will inaugurate service to ten new stations serving Mercer Island, Bellevue and Redmond. The addition of these new stations will be the largest expansion in system history, eclipsing the number of stations added under previous expansions in 2009, 2016 and 2021.

Last month, we finalized a special project documenting these ten new stations from the air. The project, which took months to create, provided an introduction to each new station as well as eleven photo galleries. It was so well received that we decided to follow up this month with two more photo galleries showing the construction of two more stations that will open in 2024, the year after East Link went live, bringing the light rail in downtown Redmond.

The downtown Redmond extension is actually part of the larger East Link project, but its stations will not open at the same time as the other East Link stations as they were funded under ST3 in 2016 rather than of ST2 in 2008.

Nonetheless, Sound Transit and the City of Redmond acted together and cooperated to ensure that design and construction could continue on the last two stations as soon as funds were available.

This smart thinking has allowed the agency to aim for a completion date of 2024 rather than, say, the 2030s. The two easternmost stations in Redmond will thus be part of the very first wave of ST3 projects. to achieve.

Construction of the downtown Redmond extension is now happening in tandem with the construction of the westernmost tracks and stations – it’s just not as advanced as it started later. (The inauguration took place in 2019.)

So while there aren’t any station platforms to look at yet, we can show you some pretty cool structures sticking out of the ground here in NPI’s hometown!

When completed, the East Link extension, officially known as Line 2, will include twelve stations located east of the main north / south line:

  1. Judkins Park
  2. Mercer Island
  3. South Bellevue
  4. Main East
  5. Bellevue city center
  6. Wilburton
  7. Spring Quarter
  8. Bel-Rouge
  9. Overla Village
  10. Redmond Technology
  11. Southeast of Redmond
  12. Redmond downtown

To view photo galleries of the top ten stations, as well as bonus photos for the Eastern O&M facility, follow this link. Do this before continuing if you haven’t seen these images yet. Then come back here and resume your tour. If you have already seen the photos published in Part I, it is with pleasure that we can tell you welcome to the tour!

We will pick up where the previous post left off: in Microsoft-Land, the part of Redmond that houses Microsoft’s main campus. The Redmond technology station will be, until the opening of the Downtown Redmond extension, the eastern terminus of line 2. But already, the contractors of Sound Transit are preparing the right-of-way for the tracks that will allow trains to reach the heart of Redmond.

After leaving Redmond Technology, trains will travel east along State Route 520, passing under the interchange with 51st Avenue and over the exit ramp to West Lake Sammamish Parkway. After crossing the Sammamish River, trains will run alongside Marymoor Park until they arrive at their next stop.

Redmond South East Station

This surface station will be located adjacent to the Redmond Inn at the junction of State Route 520 and Redmond Way in the southeastern part of town. It will have a large 1,400-space parking garage for commuters who live on the Sammamish Plateau and in the residential areas of northern Redmond.

Click on one of the images above to launch the lightbox for a better view

The station is built across from the complex that currently houses the intergalactic headquarters of Blazing Bagels and Newport Custom Shutters.

“The efficient footprint of the station allows a significant portion of the site to be used for transit-oriented development,” explains entrepreneur Hewitt.

“Specifically located between the highway and the future development focused on public transport, the parking garage acts as a buffer to attenuate traffic noise, becomes a visual barrier for [State Route] 520, and contribute to a more pleasant pedestrian experience in the neighborhood. The railway line itself passes under the garage. This reduces the distance traveled by customers arriving at the station by bus and car, helping to make public transit a more attractive option for the neighborhood.

“The design of the resort aims to provide a comfortable and safe experience for customers. Pedestrian safety is emphasized by offering an option of uneven access from the car park to the station platform.

“Sufficient weather protection has been provided for customers waiting for buses and paratransit, and the station is designed to maximize the view of adjacent Marymoor Park for customers waiting for their train to arrive.”

Here’s a bonus image:

Redmond Southeast Station, view five (East Link aerial tour)

New housing under construction opposite the future Redmond South East Station (Photo: Andrew Villeneuve / NPI)

Redmond Downtown Station

This station will be the eastern terminus of Line 2 when it opens in 2024. It is an overhead station, suspended over NE 166th between downtown Redmond and Cleveland Street in the commercial core of Redmond .

Click on one of the images above to launch the lightbox for a better view

By choosing an aerial route for downtown Redmond, Sound Transit and the City of Redmond have ensured that there will be no level crossings near the terminus of the line, which will create a safer experience for everybody.

The trip from downtown Redmond to downtown Bellevue on Link will only take seventeen minutes, which is very similar to the travel time by car, and less than half the time it takes to get between the two. from downtown on RapidRide metro line B.

This station will be within walking distance of NPI’s head office in downtown Redmond northeast of 83rd Street and 164th Avenue, as well as the historic Leary Way district, downtown Redmond and the Trail. of the Sammamish River. The Redmond Central Connector Trail will be adjacent to the new station, providing direct access to the Sammamish River Trail and East Lake Sammamish Trail.

“The entrances to the downtown Redmond station, surrounded by glass, serve as beacons for the neighborhood welcoming station patrons and connecting passengers to Bellevue, Seattle and beyond,” Hewitt said.

“A large square has been created at the western entrance to the station, providing a future gathering space for the city and the community. This civic gathering space includes an integrated art program to liven up the square.

“Community carts were essential to ensure that all voices were heard early in the design and planning process,” adds the company.

“The interaction between all modes of travel was a priority in the discussion among stakeholders, and resulted in a well-orchestrated plan for bus traffic, station access, bicycle and pedestrian traffic .

Here’s a bonus image:

View to the east of where the original beams were erected, showing the rest of the construction site for the future train station in downtown Redmond (Photo: Andrew Villeneuve / NPI)

And that’s it for this addendum to our East Link aerial tour!

Project security information

All of our flights were conducted in accordance with FAA regulations using aircraft registered at times when construction workers were not present.

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