“First Peace Conference in Tchan-Zâca” unveils that of Jonathan Delachaux in January 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland

ArtMeta is a newly established Metaverse platform in the digital space. Recently, the company launched a pioneering fine art metaverse and the future of fine art acquisition. ArtMeta Founder, Jonathan Delachaux, is also thrilled to announce that his masterpiece will be unveiled on January 2, 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland at the “First Peace Conference at Tchan-Zaca”.

ArtMeta is an NFT marketplace and advisory platform using the potential of blockchain, both as a new artistic medium and as an emerging sales channel for visual artists and contemporary art galleries. ArtMeta collaborates with critically acclaimed artists, galleries, curators, institutions and digital virtuosos to create unique digital environments and for the world to experience fine art in a whole new way. The team works with traditional infrastructure companies in banking, logistics and insurance to acquire physical art, with NFTs serving as proof of ownership. The company connects world-class galleries and artists directly with their collectors.

Moreover, Tchan-Zâca (the birthplace of Cyclops Arthur) is a city located in an archipelago of floating islands. Tchan-Zâca is an imaginary city designed by ArtMeta in collaboration with writers, computer scientists, geologists, volcanologists, astrologers and artists of all kinds since 2013. Today, this city is on the way to becoming the first metaverse of contemporary art by ArtMeta. In recent development, Tchan-Zâca’s masterpiece is set to premiere on January 2, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Once users enter Tchan-Zâca – the main island of their metaverse, people will be able to roam the island and freely explore each gallery. Living Tchan-Zâca is like walking through an enchanting Swiss-inspired city that is surrounded by nature incorporated with modern architectural elements. One of the unique attributes of Tchan-Zâca is that every gallery door people pass through is another world.

Tchan-Zâca is more than just an artistic metaverse experience. The ArtMeta provides a global art resource, a repository of blockchain technology knowledge, and a destination to socialize and meet people in all of these spaces.

About the Founder – Jonathan Delachaux

Artistic director Jonathan Delachaux is an accomplished artist. He created the island archipelago of Tchan-Zâca, a fraction of his artistic practice but the most ambitious project to date. Jonathan traveled to India to continue painting daily, refining his distinct style. Here, on the roof of his studio overlooking the Ganges, he began creating what would later become a cast of imaginary characters that are now central to much of his work.

Since 1996, Jonathan has been working on the ever-changing life of his created characters. He describes his work:

“I paint their daily lives, but also their exploits such as: the kidnapping of the prosecutor Zappelli, the shadowing of Paul Auster, the escape of Tim Steiner, the tattooed man of Wim Delvoye, the extraction of the stone of madness by a real surgeon in 1998 for Vassili, my autistic character, etc… This painting is therefore the first portrait of this little blended family, we even see their pet: Mardi-Gras, a giant tardigrade.

The palette of the painting, the lightly colored grays, was chosen to accentuate the contrast between night and day vision. Indeed, when the light disappears the colors appear. Technically, ArtMeta also switches from subtractive to additive synthesis. Jonathan’s additional projects can be viewed here: Jonathan explains the existence of Tchan-Zâca.

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