Fishers Mayor DELV Design Announces Details of New Fishers Town Hall Current Editions

A very popular public business destination, the Cité des Pêcheurs wants to make its future town hall as welcoming as possible.

City officials also want it to be multifunctional and unique.

DELV Design co-founder Jeremy Welu and Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness spoke in detail about the project during a Twilight Town Hall Zoom event on April 20. The designs for the new building were unveiled at a working session of the Fishermen’s Town Council on April 18.

Fadness called the new building “unconventional”.

“There’s so much going on in Fishers,” he said. “We try to be innovative and have taken a different approach to truly being the people’s home and an opportunity for residents to engage in unique and different ways.”

The $22.8 million building will be built in the same location as the existing City Hall at 1 Municipal Dr. Fadness said that due to a slew of updates and repairs needed, including a foundation sinking, it made more sense to invest in a new building than to repair the old one. The new city hall will include a theater and an art gallery, among other amenities. The city will use $6.3 million of its $6.9 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds to help pay for the building.

Fadness said that due to the city’s debt strategy, there will be no tax increases to fund the new city hall.

DELV Design and Meyer Najem were chosen to design and build the facility after a months-long bidding process. Fishers resident Welu said his goal was to make the new building more welcoming to residents.

“The average town hall doesn’t often interact with regular residents,” he said.

Welu said his design priorities were to “put people first.”

“A lot of times you think that in most cities the roads hit a knot in the middle,” he said. “A lot of times it’s a monument, like Washington, DC, for example. Anglers are different. At the heart of our town is activity, like the concert series and farmer’s market.

Welu said a theater and arts center will make the building more attractive to residents.

“How do you create as much foot traffic and as much curiosity as possible to invite people in?” Welu said.
A covered walkway opened in the new building will separate the theater and the art gallery.

“The right side is the art center and the left side is the theater,” Welu said.

Welu said an ellipse-style curve of the site would allow residents to walk into the building without having to enter.

The Indianapolis Arts Center will partner with Fisherman’s Town to offer arts-related programs, such as pottery or painting classes.

Fadness said the building is the biggest investment the city has ever made in arts programming.

“At the heart of it is a 250-seat courtyard theater,” Welu said, noting that a courtyard theater allows for flexibility where seats can retract and open out on a flat floor. “There may be town hall meetings or theater or a local play. Our goal is to have an entrepreneurial city like Fishers for the space to respond and provide a creative backdrop for many types of presentations.

The art center will have classrooms, galleries and other features. A rain garden will border the east side of the building.

Welu and Fadness expect groundbreaking to occur in October. The new City Hall will likely be completed in March 2024.

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Make maximum use of the town hall

During construction of the new City Hall, Mayor Scott Fadness and city staff will work from rented spaces or work from home.

Fadness said the current building will be used until the new City Hall opens.

The Fisher Fire Police Department will use the building for training exercises, such as active fire drills or simulating a fire in a commercial building.

“You will see a use of this building until its last day,” Fadness said.

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