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The Humboldt County community fondly remembers former California assembly member Sally Tanner following her death on Friday. She was 94 years old.

Gregg Foster, executive director of the Redwood Area Economic Development Commission, was Tanner’s neighbor for many years. They became quick friends after moving to the same Ferndale neighborhood in 1997.

“We lived right across from each other, so we talked to each other all the time. And then when she was growing up, we would go out to dinner and I would bake her pies all the time. In fact, I delivered one to him just a few weeks ago. She has always loved homemade pies, ”Foster shared with The Times-Standard.

A resident of Ferndale after her retirement, Tanner represented the 60th Assembly District of California during her 14 years in that office, from 1979 to 1992. At the time, this district included cities in the greater Los Angeles area. , including El Monte, San Gabriel, City of Industry and La Puente.

As a lawmaker, Tanner is best remembered for helping to create and chair the Assembly’s Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, introducing both the Tanner Consumer Protection Act and the Hazardous Water Bill, and by being a founding member of the California Women’s Caucus.

Foster recognizes his many contributions and leadership at the state level.

“The Hazardous Waste Bill really changed the way we deal with hazardous waste in California and it was a very important environmental bill. Counties couldn’t just ship (toxic waste) without really managing and planning for their disposal. And that was really important, ”Foster explained. “And, of course, she’s also the author of California Lemon Law, which a lot of people have benefited from.”

Dan Hauser, former mayor of Arcata, served alongside Tanner during his tenure in the Legislature representing Assembly District 2, which then included the counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma and Del Norte.

He remembers his colleague as a wonderful person and a hard worker.

“(Tanner) was a wonderful person and a great legislator,” Hauser recalls. “We worked a lot together, she was very meticulous, hard-working, very complete. She chaired a very important committee, the Toxic Materials Committee, and has always been concerned not only with toxic materials, but also worker safety and home safety.

“I have to say she was a really wonderful person. She taught me a lot and was also a great friend, ”Hauser continued.

In her spare time, Foster was known to fish, especially on the Smith River.

Chris Tanner, son of the late lawmaker, points to his mother’s love for art as a catalyst for him to become an artist.

“She was a genius artist and when I was a kid and she had to go to a function or something, she would always say, ‘Go ahead, you can work on my oil painting’, and I was always like “oh my gosh, ‘” he shared.

A painting of the legislator still hangs in Hauser’s house.

“She was also an artist. One of the paintings I have in my house was a dog that she portrayed. We both shared a love of art, ”said the former mayor of Arcata.

Chris Tanner remembers his mother as someone who never lost his fire, even in his last days.

“Well my mom heard that just a few months ago when she was almost 95, Congresswoman Barbara Lee was pushing for Kamala Harris ‘seat in the Senate and she said’ hell no “. So my mom called Maxine Waters, she called Governor Newsom’s office, she called everyone and said ‘no Barbara Lee can’t have this chair because she doesn’t have the qualifications’, he remembers.

Foster said she will be sadly missed.

“His old constituent community really loved him there. She’s done a lot of good things for her district and for the state as a whole and now there are people in Congress who have served with her who I’m sure are really going to miss her advice, ”she said. -he declares.

Chris Tanner has posted several videos of conversations with his mother on his Instagram page, to remember and celebrate his life. In the videos, she shares anecdotes from her tenure and her personal life. These can be viewed on @Christannerart.

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