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On June 12, 1937, Kallang Airport was inaugurated.

Its architecture was iconic, and it served both airplanes and seaplanes.

It has become one of the best airports in the world, connecting Singapore to the rest of the world and was the key hub for pioneering air travel between Britain and Australia.

Kallang Airport closed after 18 years of service, ceding the gateway to Paya Lebar Airport in 1955.

The important role played by Kallang Airport and the historical significance of the buildings and surrounding grounds where the original airfield (which is now the sports center) was located is something that the Singaporean public and visitors to Singapore should appreciate. It was our first aviation gem.

I would like to suggest that the Kallang airport terminal and adjacent buildings, which had been listed for conservation, be transformed into an integrated transport museum combined with commercial, educational and leisure facilities.

This will reflect the importance of transport for the economic and social development of Singapore.

The museum will bring together all the elements of transport (land, sea and air) which have enabled Singapore’s economic progress and which have contributed to the success of the nation.

He will tell how well Singapore has planned the infrastructure necessary for these modes of transport.

In addition to being the engine of its economic growth, the evolution and dynamic progress of transport has had an impact on the social fabric of Singapore.

The development of public land transport – from rickshaws and taxis, to buses and today’s MRT system – is close to the hearts of all citizens.

Generations of Singaporeans have lived through the many changes with stories to tell.

A call for contributions from the public for photographs, video clips and artefacts will encourage participation from all.

Most importantly, the museum should include galleries to showcase current and future transportation technologies, whether it be unmanned vehicles, supersonic travel, or sustainable transportation.

The nearby Stadium and Kallang MRT stations will provide easy access for locals and tourists alike.

The museum can also be developed as part of a Mice commercial event center (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), since it is located near the business and shopping district.

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