Ghostwire: Tokyo – How to Destroy the Barrier Around Utagawa Shopping District

Shortly after helping Rinko sabotage the Visitors’ machine, Ghostwire: Tokyo players will find themselves in the Utagawa shopping district. Trying to clear the Tori Gate there, however, they soon realize they’ve fallen into a trap, with the visitors setting up a barrier around the entire area in an effort to get rid of Akito and KK a once and for all. all.

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Just like the barrier that surrounded KK’s refuge during the second chapter of Ghostwire: Tokyo, players will need to destroy barrier stones to escape. This time however, there are four barrier stones instead of three, and the containment area is much larger and much less linear, which can make finding the stones a bit more difficult.


Where to find the first barrier stone

tokyo-ghostwire-utagawa-shopping-district-barrier-01-first barrier-stone

In order to find the first barrier stone, Ghostwire: Tokyo players must start directly from their starting position. Shortly after going through the recently cleared Tori Gate, they’ll find the stone in the middle of the street. To destroy it, they can either use a melee attack, an ethereal art, or shoot it with their bow. As soon as they do, however, a fifteen minute timer will start counting down.

Where to find the second barrier stone


Those looking to find the remaining Barrier Stones on their own will want to use KK’s Spectral Vision ability, which will cause all Barrier Stones within range to glow orange and thus become much easier to spot. Those who just want to end things should go to the rooftops using one of the many Tengu (aim at them then press X to grapple). Once there, they should look for the second barrier stone above a ventilation shaft in the northwest part of the containment area.

Where to find the third barrier stone


The third stone barrier can also be found on the rooftops, not far from a graveyard in the eastern part of the containment area. To reach it, players can once again use one of the Tengu to make their way to the rooftops, then slide from building to building (jump then hold X) or, alternatively, use the ladder on the side of the neighboring building. Of course, they could just as easily destroy the stone barrier from the ground with a projectile, but it’s much easier to spot it from above.

Where to find the fourth barrier stone


To find the final Barrier Stone, players must return to their starting point and climb the steps south of the Tori Gate. If they turn to their right when they are about halfway up, they should see the last barrier stone in the distance above them. There’s no way to get close enough to destroy this one with a melee attack, so players will have to get rid of it using either their bow or an ethereal art. Once they do, the barrier will fall and Akito and KK can continue trying to contact Ed.

Ghostwire: Tokyo releases March 25 for PC and PS5. Those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game will be able to play from March 22.

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