Healing Spirits (and Gems) found at District Mineral

I was convinced that the lady who knew where all the witches were in Georgetown was the same one who sold crystal balls.

“We have spherical specimens,” replied Becky Waddell, co-owner of District Mineral, “but no one has ever come forward claiming to be a witch,” she added calmly.

Becky and her husband, Trevor, are the owners of Take Care, a green beauty shop where London meets Santa Monica at 1338 Wisconsin Avenue NW. With its soft lighting, body butters, soothing music and paraben-free lip gloss, you wouldn’t know that the back corner – a store within a store, called District Mineral – is where people flock when they Google, “rock shop”. ”

Trevor and Becky Waddell inside District Mineral. Photo by Emilie Ferrara.

“People come from all over,” says Becky, some because they “just want to be in the energy here” and others “collect specimens the same way people collect art.”

Before Covid, Waddell and her husband were researching customer reviews when one comment stood out: “I wish you were selling crystals,” Becky recalled.

“And then things really took off during the pandemic,” Trevor added, “because people were home and there was an increase in interest in things for your home (which included specimens of crystal) so we kind of rode the wave too – online and in-store. Already selling sage, incense and candles, the couple realized that rocks, crystals, stones precious stones and other mineral specimens were the right blend of beauty and wellness to expand their home offerings.

At any one time, customers can peruse over 100 specimens, ranging from pocket-size meditation stones ($6) to three-foot-tall formations that “make a statement” in the home, Becky describes.

“Customers can browse a hundred copies at any given time…” Photo by Emilia Ferrara.

“Our most valuable piece sold for $6,000,” she recalls. “A gorgeous butterfly carefully chosen to be the centerpiece to bring the associated energy into their bedroom.”

Each crystal is handpicked by the co-owners, who travel from Denver to Arkansas to seek out the pieces that most appeal to them, investing what the couple describe as an enormous amount of personal time and preliminary work. “They are incredibly special. They come from countries all over the world and took tens of thousands, if not millions, of years to form geologically,” says Trevor. “We sold an extract of it in 1912,” added his wife.

While some clients seek crystals with countries of origin they have a connection to or particular ages that inspire them, Waddell says more often than not people say they are simply drawn to the energy.

“I hear, ‘Oh my God, you have crystals, they’re so beautiful, I used to have these when I was little!’ Waddell said. “They are looking for something nostalgic.” But, more often, “people are very interested in the energetic properties and associations of crystals” or even the “chakra balancing” connection.

Along with the skincare and makeup sold at Take Care, their spa includes facials and Reiki healing treatments. During Reike, crystals are brought into the treatment room to move energy and align the chakras. A technique now recognized by hospitals like Johns Hopkins, Brigham and Women’s, and the Cleveland Clinic, Reike has become a more recognized healing technique originally in Eastern medicine.

“For me, one of the really special and sacred parts of District Mineral – and honestly of Take Care,” Becky said, “is that people often come in when something is wrong in their life. Their friend is sick, they are going through a loss, they are going through a breakup. There is usually Something. And they are looking for a place where they can anchor their energy. These specimens help ground their anxieties, their feelings, and they can somehow begin to move on. Or to grow… Sometimes people come to try to become something… [and the crystal] is a tool to help them focus their energy to get where they want and need to be. It’s a very private and sensitive experience, so it’s really special when they come here to explore that. We want to give them as many opportunities as possible to meet their needs.

Some, she admits, will “charge” their crystals in the light of a full moon, others will cover them with salt – but apparently, for her clients, “all healing is welcome”.

With Halloween upon us in Georgetown, I may not have found a witch, but it’s a healing touch and spirit that Becky says keeps crystal lovers coming back.

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