Hispanic Heritage Month: Showcasing a local artist who uses Latin culture in their artwork

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we chat with a local artist, Jorge Betancourt, who adds a touch of Latin culture to every piece he creates.

“Inside every room is joy. It’s the most important thing for me, ”says Jorge Betancourt, a local artist. “It would be fantastic if every day of our lives we could feel the joy of being alive.”

Some of his unique styles of artwork are on display in the Las Vegas Arts District.

“It had been a few months since I was here for a few hours. It’s a playing cat. All of my works are like that – funny stuff, ”added Betancourt.

Betancourt is originally from Mexico but has lived in Las Vegas for 30 years. Her work is as colorful and vibrant as her personality.

“My childhood is my inspiration. Not just that in itself, but the kid inside because I love to have fun. I like to bring joy to people, ”said Betancourt.

The 57-year-old has collaborated on several popular children’s books that have won the Mother’s Choice Award, among other accolades.

“It’s not easy, but all the artist we are all looking for is style. We are looking for a style that makes us unique from others,” Betancourt said.

That unique touch is on a long list of art exhibitions in Las Vegas, but he says his next project will extend beyond the showroom.

“I was selected by the city to put my touch and there and I’m very happy,” added Betancourt.

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