Inauguration of an art and history museum

Islamabad: An art and history exhibition museum is finally ready to open in a newly renovated building in Fatima Jinnah Park.

According to the details, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed the renovations and transformed the building into an art museum and exhibition, which would be a fine addition to the list of cultural centers and art galleries in the capital. A proposal is being discussed to inaugurate the museum on March 23, but the relevant authorities have yet to make the final decision in this regard. The museum has a cafe for visitors where they could also hold group discussions about the culture and history of Islamabad.

At present, there are few prominent art and cultural centers including the National Arts Council of Pakistan, Tanzara Art Gallery and Nomad Art Center and Gallery.

There are many books written on the history of Islamabad and some of them have been widely recognized locally and internationally.

But there was a need to create a true city-centric museum where visitors could understand the dynamics of local culture and history, especially in the context of historical events that still hold special significance for historians.

An official said the museum would be the first of its kind as it would offer insight into the city’s rich local culture, history and archeology.

He said people are aware of modern and green Islamabad but it has its own cultural history, adding “We have put in all our efforts and the museum will definitely attract the attention of people from all walks of life.”

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