Iranian Wisconsinite communicates across cultures through art

Nina Ghanbarzadeh is an artist from Tehran, Iran, who moved to the United States in 2001. Her unique work incorporates two very different languages ​​and two very different cultures. His pieces emphasize the beauty of the Farsi and English languages ​​while using precise and clean lines. As I watched the exhibition, his perfectly detailed work left an impression on me. The use of creative materials in his art was evident. In one of her pieces titled “Night,” she uses acrylic and carpet tacks on a Gatorfoam panel to showcase her work. The neutral shades lead the audience to explore and visualize the pieces through their own interpretation and creativity.

One of my favorite pieces in the exhibition is “This sentence is written in two languages. He uses both Farsi and English to write a sentence. The artwork consists of a white background while the words written in Farsi and English appear to the audience. The beauty of this piece was the combination of languages ​​to make an important message.

My drawings exist at the intersection of modernist abstraction (of Persian and Western influence) and contemporary conceptual art, ”explains Ghanbarzadeh.

Ghanbarzadeh’s exhibition shows his appreciation and love for mixing different cultures. “For the Love of Alif Baa” was one of my favorite exhibitions to date. The colors of each room impressed me and gave a clear message to the viewers. The art was unique, creative and beautiful.

Roberta’s Art Gallery presents “For the Love of Alif Baa” from December 1 to 22, with an artist interview scheduled for December 8 at 5 pm. For more information on the exhibition, contact Roberta’s Art Gallery at (262) 472-3193 or visit the website at Roberta Art Gallery.

“Night” taken by Peyton Rollins (Peyton Rollins)

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