Jinshi Museum and Shun Pao Cultural Space take shape in Sijing

Ti Gong

The construction site of Jinshi Museum in Sijing City

An art museum and cultural space showcasing one of China’s oldest newspapers in Sijing Town of Songjiang District recently had its main structures completed.

Jinshi, inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stone tablets, is a traditional Chinese art form.

The Jinshi Museum at 38 Wenhua Road in the ancient town adopts the architectural style of a traditional Jiangnan water town, with black tiles and white walls. In addition to its antique elements, the museum also features modern features like a glass and steel structure to express a sense of technological advancement.

Workers have so far completed the main structure and interior decoration. When completed, the museum will house art workshops by masters while hosting cultural activities for locals and tourists.

The Shun Pao Cultural Space is adjacent to the Jinshi Museum. The pouring of concrete gave the building a natural roughness.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Shun Pao (Shanghai News), the most influential and enduring newspaper in contemporary China.

Shi Liangcai (1880-1934), newspaper magnate and owner of Shun Pao, was a local resident of Sijing.

The Shun Pao Cultural Space, not far from Shi Liangcai’s former residence, will become a place to promote journalistic culture. In addition to its permanent exhibition, it will launch various exhibitions related to current affairs and mass communication.

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