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FRAMINGHAM – District 4 resident Nathaniel Joslin was appointed to the Framingham Cultural Council by Mayor Yvonne Spicer.

The Framingham Cultural Council provides grants to private and public / municipal organizations and individuals for cultural projects that benefit the residents of Framingham. The Council is responsible for making the final decisions on how best to meet the cultural needs of Framingham in the selection of grant recipients and the amount of each grant.

The appointment was made on July 13 and city council, the legislative branch of government, has 30 days to approve or reject. If no action is taken, the appointment is automatic for 3 years until June 30, 2024.

“I sat on the atac board of directors for several years and am still involved at the committee level. I volunteered at atac. I have lived both downtown and up north and just off Route 9. I feel like I have lived a lot from Framingham and I am passionate about seeing Framingham continue to improve . The experience and expertise that I really bring to such a role is that of a passionate citizen. I moved to Framingham in 2012 and it quickly became my home. I have served on the boards of directors of local nonprofits in Framingham. I have worked in our community service agencies such as Wayside and Advocates. I chose to buy a house here without looking at any other city. I participated
Framingham State and currently working at the Learning Center for the Deaf, ”Joslin wrote in her application. “In addition to a passion for my city, I have a passion for art. Painting, performance, photography, anything expressive and creative. Having a strong art and attracting and supporting local artists creates a culture in our city and makes it the place where I want to live.

Joslin speaks sign language, he wrote in his candidacy for mayor.

The Framingham Cultural Council has 11 members.

Its chairman Joel Winett recently left the council, due to a state rule. The rules of the Mass Cultural Council (MCC) state that a person can only serve for 6 consecutive years. Winett turned 12 on June 30, 2021. He served 5 years as President, 6 years as Clerk and 1 year as Treasurer of the Council. the The Council recently created a new award and made Winett its first recipient.

Chris Roppola, a resident of District 3, is vice president and will chair the council until the new election in August.

The other board members are Everton Da Costa, resident of District 3, Vicki Hammel, resident of District 3, Leslie Harvey, resident of District 1, Charles Kiefer, resident of District 1, Vanessa Pendexter, resident of District 2, Mauricio Perea, District 1 resident Cindy Walsh, district. 1 resident Lois Levick, and District 6 resident Stéphanie Jean Noel.

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