Leo and Steph’s pop art lovers exhibit their art at the Markowicz Gallery and in all the galleries of the world

They are Franco-Brazilian and form the new pop art star couple that is making the buzz at the moment.

Leo & Steph have already conquered Europe where they exhibit in galleries in Paris, Geneva, London and Dubai.

But they have also already conquered celebrities, from Olivier Rousting (artistic director of Balmain), to the actors of the famous Paris saint germain, to the stars, to the TV host and to the (foundation of the hospitals of Paris, hospitals e France) chaired by the first lady (FLOTUS) of France Brigitte Macron.

They arrived in the United States to show their work to American collectors and armatures.

It is in the very famous Miami gallery, (Markowicz fine art) that many of their works are already exhibited (which sold out the first weekend).

Let’s discover these artists who make pop art move with their universe and especially their sculpture the love cup and their painting with the character they created the kid cup

Leo & Steph are a couple in town like artists in art.

Léo Brasilien has been living in Paris for 12 years as a designer (graphics and interior).

He has been painting, molding and drawing since he can remember. He is one of the artistic directors of one of the largest e-commerce companies in France.

Stéphane, the Frenchy has worked in the media for more than 20 years.

He directed the programs of the NRJ and Endemol companies.

Television producer, this art lover has always wanted to create playful and colorful pieces.

How it all began…

A year ago, Leo & Steph decided together to create a first work of art called Love cup.

This astonishing work of art, a cup, almost 35 cm in solid Plexiglas, is delicately placed on a brushed gold-aluminum ingot.

This unique and exclusive work of art in the colors of the Hermès brand was sold in a few minutes during a preview in the famous Parisian art gallery “galerie championne”

Very quickly, demand increased and several works were sold.

Leo & Steph then enter the world of pop art. They shape the cups with different luxury brands, always in a unique model.

The cuts of love include galleries in Paris, including the Champop gallery, one of the pop art reference galleries is located in the Marais and Makolett, a gallery located in the chic 8th arrondissement of Paris where prestigious clients acquire these works of unique art.

Their creation that made the BUZZ: The “Kid Cup” character

However, in January 2020 the artistic adventure is gaining momentum. Leo & Steph create the character “kid cup” a faceless human being. He can be a boy or a girl. A human being who drinks life with a cup of love in his hand. A positive, caring self, a reflection of our inner child.

It is by watching the documentary on the life of OLIVIER ROUSTEING “wonder boy” (artistic director of Balmain) that the duo imagines this benevolent being.

The story of this fashion genius inspires the duo with his charisma, his genius, his benevolence and his emotions.

Unique and exclusive paintings where the character is staged and unveiled paintings in this exceptional acrylic glass finish. The children’s cup was born.

Shortly after, they decide to post it on Instagram, tag Olivier and the answer is made instantly!

Olivier Rousteing contacted them and chose the painting he posted on his IG account (of more than 6 million followers).

The public is touched and a few weeks later, dozens of paintings are sold to collectors, celebrities or pop art lovers.

The pieces incorporate famous galleries.. prestigious clients such as Luka Karabatic (psg), Cyril Hanouna (one of the most popular French animators), Ayem Nour (French television star), Magali Berdah (queen of influencers in France), Pierre jean chalencon (television star and Napoleon collector), Elsa Esnoult (famous singer), Emmanuel Rivassoux (French television star), and Gilles Luka (artist and producer), and many others fall for these paintings and creations.

Paintings with a unique acrylic glass finish that remain unique and exclusive, and that feature prestigious brands (Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Ferrari) or are also available in the Kardashian family, and recently one has been created for “the foundation” PSG NEYMAR JR and Kylian Mbappé.

Miami, Dallas and Laguna Beach in the United States, Leo & Steph have all just arrived.

They are represented by Bertille Hocquet & Frank Bondrille and are exclusive to the Markowickz gallery (BERNARD MARKOWICKZ).

Now the pieces are available at the prestigious Markowicz Fine Art Miami galleries in the famous design art district, but also in DALLAS and Laguna Beach where paintings are being prepared for major artists like Lazer, Cris Cab, Jamal Antar and many more. others.

They adorn the “signature” of Claude Baruk’s hairdresser during the Las Vegas fashion show.

The paintings will also be presented at PALM MODERN CONTEMPORARY OF MIAMI (January 7-10, 2021) and soon the goblet will become a sculpture an exclusive 50 cm sculpture.

So discover the positive and colorful art of Léo and Steph and let yourself be charmed by this extraordinary universe…

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/leo_et_steph/?hl=fr

WEBSITE: https://leoetsteph.com/

ADDRESS: Bernard Markowicz, Markowicz Art Gallery – Miami 11 NE 40TH STREET

Bertille Hiccup


[email protected]

Telephone: 954 326 2246

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