Longtime Resident and Former Daycare Owner Urvi Shah to Run for PUSD Board | New

Urvi Shah, a longtime Pleasanton resident and mother of two, is competing for the open Zone 2 seat on the Pleasanton Unified School District Board of Trustees in November.

Shah said on his website that raising his children in the district and actively participating in various community projects, workshops and events throughout this period has given him a better understanding of the concerns and challenges presented by parents and caregivers. students.

“As a school board member, I hope to bring diversity to the school board. I want to help bridge the gap between the various cultural groups in Pleasanton and represent their diverse ideas as decisions are made” , Shah said in a press release.

“PUSD families come from very different social upbringings and education systems,” she added. “Because I know these unique sets of challenges, I can offer to be the liaison between the school board and the parents, being that bridge that will provide an understanding of the concerns and interests of parents and the school district to each other.”

Shah is set to face off against two other newcomers in the Nov. 8 ballot for Zone 2: Laurie Walker, who is listed on the county elections website as office manager and parent, and Christine Lutz, who is listed as a human resources recruiter. – however, Lutz, who qualified for the ballot, told The Weekly this week that she planned to withdraw from the race.

The Zone 2 headquarters will represent the areas surrounding Hart Middle School and Fairlands Elementary – two of the three schools in Pleasanton where Shah’s two children attended. This will be the first election for PUSD in a district-based format that the board approved in March

Shah said she also learned a lot about mental health at some of the community workshops she attended locally, which she says could help implement school district plans that improve quality of life and student well-being.

“I plan to improve the PUSD for the future generation,” Shah said. “My goals are to increase accountability and transparency in budget decisions, retain quality educators, and reduce student overflow in our elementary schools.”

She added that her experience as a local business owner also gives her the ability to understand the complexities of district finances, which she will use to reduce the budget deficit. Shah ran a licensed daycare for five years, but is now turning to real estate.

“As the administrator of Zone 2, I promise that every dollar spent will go towards the education of our children,” Shah said. “I see the great impact my children’s teachers have had on their lives. If we can retain our staff, by understanding the needs of our teachers and staff members, we can promote and help preserve and improve the quality of the school system, ensuring that we provide the right tools for our students to build their lives.”

Some of his other goals will be to increase the number of STEM and art classes offered, reduce class sizes, and send children to schools in their neighborhoods.

“I believe in balancing all areas of human life,” Shah said. “A true leader works for the unity, growth and betterment of all of society, which I can promise will be my goal as a school board member.”

For more information on Shah’s candidacy, visit his campaign website at shah4schoolboard.com.

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