Melbourne art fair survives restrictions by launching satellites

A Melbourne contemporary art fair nearly killed by pandemic restrictions has found a way to survive: by dividing up between different galleries to create a ‘satellite program’ across the city.

Spring 1883 typically sees shopping malls set up booths in Melbourne hotel rooms – but following the July lockdown, hotels count as private residences, where visitors are currently banned.

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Sarah Scout Presents Gallery presents works by Christian Thompson King Billy # 2 in his spring 1883 exhibition.Credit:courtesy of the artist

So, instead, around 20 galleries will activate spaces around Melbourne by Saturday. Some physical shows, as well as a digital show on Artsy, will continue for the remainder of the month.

Fair director Kate Barber said the organizers were impressed and stunned by the resilience of the participating galleries and their artists.

On Thursday, they reported good footfall, cheerful visitors and strong sales both internally and through the Artsy online art market.

“As Melburnians, we are proud to be the cultural capital of Australia,” said Barber. “The way Melbourne art lovers have pivoted to embrace this new take on the fair, both online and in person, is testament to that. “

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