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The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation recently recognized local high school students for their creative and artistic talents through the annual Mira Awards.

Mira, which means “brightest star”, was conceived by a group of teachers from Tate High School in 1987. Since then, the Mira Awards have been extended to all high schools in Escambia County. Students receive a personalized medallion to wear with their cap and gown during graduation.

Beth Partington, who has chaired the Mira Awards for the past eight years, says, “It’s so important to honor students who excel in the arts. Their creativity, dedication, and talents are often overlooked, but their contributions add so much to everyone’s life and high school experience. The Foundation is pleased to celebrate these exceptional high school graduates each year.

This year, the following 74 high school students received the Mira Awards:

Escambia High School

Jasmine Collings, Kadence Vanlandingham (Band), Ty Jones (Choir), Sara Jones (Drama), Charlotte Paolini (Orchestra), Selma Millan (Visual Arts)

Raised of Northview

Adrianne Shanks (band), Addison White (creative writing), Kinzey Powell (culinary arts), Hunter Borelli (graphic arts), Dallon Rackard (graphic design), Jesse Hughes (journalism), Mia Starns (photography), Benjamin Rowinsky (video Design), Madison Watson (Visual Arts), Paige Ross (Visual Design), Anna Adams, Shelby Cotita (Yearbook)

Pensacola High School

Christian McClung (Choir), Miyauna Copeland (Culinary Arts), Scott Grove, Vitus Larrieu, Steven Rhodes (Drama), Aniya Knight (Graphic Arts), Ezra Baker, Gracie Collins, Abigail Prettyman (Instrumental Music), Isabel Green (Orchestra) , Wren Harwell (Photography), Colin Gold (Yearbook)

Pine Forest High School

Kiaeante Hill (Band), Emmie Sasser (Chorus), Thomas Welch (Culinary Arts), Karriema Jones (Design Services Academy), Daniel Jennings (Digital Media), Hailee Hatcher (Photography), Nina Burt (Visual Arts), Dontreal Hines ( Phone book)

Tate High School

Holly Phillips, Carter Pitts, Melissa Schauer (Band), Rose Geinert, Emily Payne (Choir), Hunter Brumfield, Elias Ray (Drama), Gabrielle Gryskiewicz, Jordan Rinker (Orchestra), Vanessa Lopez, Megan Morris (Visual Arts), Dylainie Charlery (Directory)

washington high school

Kaleb Aymond, Adrianna Blackmon, Michaela Hartley (band), Alexia Ben, Minh Nguyen, Caitlin Sanderson (choir), Samuel Brown, Jovaney Sutherland (orchestra), Kaitlyn Roe (theater), Michaela Luescher (theater and visual arts), Cassady Hawkins , Yu’miya Walker (Visual Arts)

West Florida High School

Kyla Barrett, Grace Coleman (Band), Arjerne Arrington (Drama-Performance Excellence), William Rabon, Mia Zareck (Multimedia-Graphic Design), Chloe Rabin (Orchestra-Exceptional Leadership), Thien-Loc Uc (Orchestra-Performance Leadership), Mason Mott (Photojournalism), Teana Henderson (Outstanding Theater-Leadership), Fariha Fairooz, Braxton Wickersham (Visual Arts), Micayla Jesse (Yearbook-Graphic Design)

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