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Seven years after opening, the Murray Art Museum Albury is booming, with visits up 5% year-on-year and the last busiest school holidays on record, according to the engagement agent of the museum. Annie Falcke said MAMA has been on a steady growth trajectory since its inception in 2015. “The museum opened with very strong attendance and it kind of continued,” she said. “It’s been up about five percent year over year in terms of total attendance since we opened, but what’s happened is we’ve become more consistent throughout the year with where that attendance came from. At first it was very much tied to particular exhibits and they would do a big marketing on an exhibit and then pass people through and then it would die and we worked really hard to make sure that there’s always great stuff here any day of the week, so our attendance is now fixed year-round.” IN OTHER NEWS: Ms Falcke said excluding 2020 due to COVID-19, fall was the busiest season at the museum, even last year when the fall period was over between closings . “This school holiday we had the most people per day during an April school holiday period,” she said. “We thought we were busy last year because it was our busiest april school holidays on record…but this year has been amazing and we have really seen a huge increase in visitors from outside the area and we have had lots of first time local people too in fact.” Almost everyone who came was there for the first time at the museum. “We average 355 people a day during the school holiday period, which has certainly been our busiest year.” Ms Falcke said the new record was due to people wanting to explore after COVID lockdowns. “People have spent so much time alone that they’re willing to try things they’ve never done before because they’re tired of doing the same old things and they’re opening up to more possibilities that we’re here in Albury,’ she said. ‘And we’re starting to break down that misconception that this place is cold or elitist or inaccessible and actually we’re a very open free relaxed space right in the middle of the city which is so accessible and people finally feel more comfortable coming in through the front doors and trying out.” The message just came out that it’s not that scary you don’t have to pay anything, try it.” Ms. Falcke said MAMA was on track to grow another 5% from its previous best year. “It’s just a steady increase in numbers, which would take us to 100,000 visitors per year,” she said. “We started with 75,000 visitors a year, it’s amazing and from the start it was 50/50 locals and out-of-town visitors.” Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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