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Tetlow Parham Park of Ithaca, NY passed away suddenly at her home on Thursday, May 20, 2021 in the presence of her 59-year-old husband and two beloved dogs.

Tetlow was born Elizabeth Tetlow Parham, known to everyone as Tet because her mother never called her Elizabeth. Tetlow said she never felt like an “Elizabeth” anyway.

With a seasonal residence in Boca Grande for nearly 30 years, Tetlow was born on October 17, 1939 in Henderson, North Carolina, a small town in the south, and was the daughter of William Brooks Parham and Jenny Newell Parham. She attended Women’s College at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tetlow met her husband, Roy H. Park, Jr. on a blind date set up by two of Roy’s best friends. She quickly determined by this date that Roy was right for her, and they were married two years later in the little Methodist Church on Main Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. , Coral Gables, Rye, NY, Charlotte, NC and Ithaca once again, Tetlow was by his side, adjusting and adapting to whatever the move might bring. Through Roy’s launch of his own business, Park Outdoor in Ithaca, Tetlow established a home in his community and participated in many community activities and formed great friendships with so many wonderful people.

Tetlow’s pride and joy were their children, Elizabeth and Trip, and she was a loving and supportive mother, motivating them both to use their unique talents to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and study the business and journalism. After graduation, Elizabeth worked as a corporate banker at Bank of America for 13 years and Trip was recruited by several advertising agencies over several years. Trip is now a successful artist at nine galleries along the East Coast. Tetlow, along with her husband and their children, was director of the Triad Foundation which supports nonprofit entities in Boca Grande and elsewhere. In fact, the Foundation has donated over a million dollars to the causes of Boca Grande.

As the director of the Triad Foundation for many years, Tetlow particularly enjoyed supporting medical programs as she had always been intrigued by medicine. As a child, Tetlow made house calls with his grandfather who was a doctor in Franklinton, North Carolina. She had a wealth of medical knowledge and was always her family’s first call when someone was sick. She also worked in a medical clinic to take Roy through his Cornell MBA program. He is currently a member of the Cornerstone Society and the Board of Trustees of the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation, Inc., and they both helped fund the renovation of the Boca Health Clinic Annex.

Tetlow and Roy enjoyed spending time at their home in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, and Boca Grande. Tetlow has always enjoyed the beautiful sunrises and sunsets from the beach and loved nature in all its forms. She was particularly fond of flowers and had a large garden – orchids were her favorite. She also loved their many dogs, especially her Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds.

Tetlow was a real steel magnolia tree. She loved the whole South and brought many traditions with her wherever she lived. She was a gracious host and loved to dine with their many friends, often closing a restaurant because she had been having too much fun to leave. With a twinkle in her eyes, she liked a pillow that said “Don’t confuse endurance with hospitality” as it reminded her of long afternoons entertaining lunch guests.

In his true form, Tetlow had just asked Roy to make him a Mint Julep moments before his death.

She is survived by her loving husband Roy H. Park Jr. their daughter, Elizabeth Park Fowler and her husband Troy of Tampa; son, Roy H. Park III (Trip) and his wife Laura of Charlotte, NC; seven grandchildren: Noble Brooks Fowler, Chase Hampton Fowler, Elizabeth Sumner Park, Samantha Tetlow Fowler, Roy Hampton Park IV, Lawson Brooks Park and Cameron Parham Park.

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