Ohio State School of Music Considers Moving to Timashev Family Music Building, New Principal Gets to Work

The Timashev Family Music Building is now open for classes. Credit: Katie Good | Asst. photo editor

After more than two years of construction and more than a decade of planning, the Timashev Family Music Building at Ohio State now houses the School of Music, formerly located in Hughes Hall.

Located at 1900 College Road N., the 96,000 square foot Timashev Family Music Building was completed in April and opened for the fall 2022 semester. As part of the $165.3 million Arts District Project, renovations were also made to the School of Music’s Weigel Hall, university spokesman Dan Hedman said in an email.

Micahel Ibrahim, director of the School of Music, said the construction provides new spaces for students to produce music.

“We do a lot at music school,” Ibrahim said. “We play, we rehearse, we record, we study, we give talks and now we have spaces that are really state of the art to support all of these different activities.”

Ibrahim, a saxophonist and former principal of the West Virginia School of Music, took office on July 1, just after construction of the Timashev Family Music Building was completed, he said.

“Over those 10 years, the funds and community support have grown, and over the past two years it has really taken off in terms of building, creating and projecting. I couldn’t be more thrilled and humbled to be here at the very end,” Ibrahim said.

Ratmir Timashev, an Ohio State 1996 alumnus and CEO of Veeam Software, provided $17 million to the College of Arts and Sciences construction project, according to Ohio State News.

Laura Portune, graduate and assistant vocal practice professor at the School of Music, said the new space is more accommodating than Hughes Hall because of its community-focused design and variety of practice and performance spaces. .

We have very large ensemble rooms designed for opera stages or for opera rehearsals,” Portune said. “We have rooms built for the orchestra, we have jazz rooms, we have media rooms and I believe about 88 individual practice rooms, each with a piano and opportunities for a variety of instruments to practice. meet and practice.”

Additionally, the five-story Timashev Family Music Building houses a 195-seat recital hall, accompanying the School of Music’s current 720-seat Weigel Auditorium, according to the College of Arts and Sciences. Arts District page.

Jonathan Mitchell, a third-year music education student, said he felt a different energy this year in the new building compared to his time at Hughes Hall.

“Hughes was one of those buildings where it was pretty hard to collaborate, just because of the limited space, and it always seemed like you were fighting for a room,” Mitchell said. “With the new building being so massive, there are lots of spaces for collaboration, lots of spaces to train individually and more opportunities.”

The Department of Theatre, Film and Media Arts building, also part of the Arts District project, will replace the Drake Performance and Event Center and open in fall 2023. The School of Music will strive to collaborate with its future neighbours. Portune said.

“I think theater and music have so much to offer and help each other,” Portune said. “Having the theater right next door, I really hope we can enjoy these beautiful collaborations that were kind of talked about, but that were hard to pull off because we were so far apart.”

Ibrahim said collaboration is encouraged between music majors and others, and the School of Music plans to facilitate dual majors with a music major.

With the arts district having a strong presence on the central campus, Ibrahim said the music school can differentiate itself from other music schools. Mitchell said the building will also help create peer-to-peer connections through music.

“Community, to me, represents a group of people who come together as a collective whole, working for the greater good. It’s very obvious now that we’re all in this space,” Mitchell said. “You have a better opportunity to not only celebrate each distinctive individual, but also to see how we work together, and it’s much more apparent that we are one people who are here because we love the music.”

The School of Music will host the celebration and inauguration of the Timashev Family Music Building on Oct. 23 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. — including an open house and student concert, according to the Music school.

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