Performance Exchange 2022 opens this Friday.

Emily Perry, Woman With Salad, 2017, performance, courtesy of Seventeen

Performance Exchange has announced full program and performance schedule details for its 2022 edition.

Produced in partnership with a selection of London’s most cutting-edge commercial galleries, the second edition of the acclaimed performance program takes place across London over three days, from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th July.

Founded by curator Rose Lejeune to create a bridge between the commercial and museum sectors for the presentation and acquisition of performances, Performance Exchange 2022 offers 22 performances in 11 new and old galleries.

During the three-day program, it is possible to discover a wide range of performative registers, ranging from presentations of duration, theatrical and process-based works to walking tours, poetic readings and musical collaborations.


Pace, Arcade, Edel Assanti, Seventeen, SHOWCASE, Workplace, Amanda Wilkinson, Belmacz, Sullivan + Strumpf, Emalin, Kate MacGarry.


Rosa-Johan Uddoh, Nicola Bachmann, Marijke de Roover, Laura Gannon, Ketty La Rocca, Agata Madejska, Dawn Ng, Yoshinori Niwa, Emily Perry, Paulina Olowska, Kembra Pfahler


Leeds Art Gallery, Women’s Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge

“The response to the inaugural edition of Performance Exchange last year was phenomenal. Performance Exchange acts as a catalyst to change collecting structures by creating collaboration between the UK art market and UK museums and supporting the presentation and collection of the best of contemporary art in any medium.

Commercial galleries increasingly see the value of performance and intangible practice for generations of artists, private collectors and institutions, and the quality and diversity of the 2022 Performance Exchange program fully demonstrates this.

Rose Lejeune, Founder and Director of Performance Exchange

Performance Exchange is a dispersed program of performances in a selection of London’s most avant-garde commercial galleries. The first program of its kind, Performance Exchange aims to generate new forms of support for performance collecting and foster dialogue around galleries’ long-term support for performance, multidisciplinary and experimental contemporary art practice as well as to the enhancement of the diversity of registers of the practice of performance art in the city today.

Alongside the presentation of the works themselves, Performance Exchange creates detailed digital documents that create a direct link between the live work shown and its acquisition – whether in the form of a contractual relationship or through the documentation and material residues such as film, installation, accessories and scripts. Together, the set of bespoke acquisitions documents constitute a unique and innovative digital guide to program, purchase and support in performance art, merging aesthetic, economic and practical factors.

Three UK public museums have made significant acquisitions during the inaugural edition of Performance Exchange in summer 2021, made possible by the generous support of Art Fund. One of the conditions of the acquisitions is that each of the museums commit to showcasing the work as part of their program next year, with full details to be announced shortly.

For up-to-date information on performance programming and times, visit: and @performance_exchange


Rose Lejeune is a curator and researcher exploring contemporary art collecting with specific expertise in contextual, social and performative practices.

Alongside Performance Exchange, Rose is Associate Curator of the Delfina Foundation’s Collecting as Practice programme, which examines the politics and economics of global collecting and works as a freelance curator, writer and consultant in the UK and internationally. , with current and recent projects in Abu Dhabi. , Barcelona, ​​Riyadh and Linz among others.

Rose has built a reputation for strategic vision and curatorial innovation, and in 2020 was named in ArtNet’s Intelligence Report as a “Global Innovator” for her work on expanding collections.


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