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Featured artist Geoff Searle kicks off the month, October 8-18 at The Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay.

Searle has been a potter and artist since 1972 and works primarily with clay. Carving, raku and fire cooking are produced in his workshop in the rural Fraser Valley.

Born and raised in Kimberley, Searle attended the Kootenay School of Art in Nelson and lived in several communities across the province before settling on the West Coast.

It has been said that his work is almost as intriguing as the man himself. Not known to be a conformist, his creativity and natural curiosity have led him to an exciting job that places him at the forefront of innovation in clay. His work has made its way around the world in galleries in Vancouver and Victoria and is in the hands of many private collectors.

Passages, a solo exhibition by Brent Lynch runs from October 21 to November 1 at the Avenue Gallery.

While painting from the boat this summer, Lynch felt constantly reminded that life is a passage.

“With no signs, lights or open sea roads, the task of sailing is a matter of experience and judgment. The sea and the surrounding land heads speak. They dictate space, depths, distance and more. Reading and approach are important. I love the sea. In these paintings, I revisit this ancient metaphor.

Patrons of the avenue can also browse the works of landscape and floral artist William Liao. Growing up in Beijing, he was surrounded by classical Chinese culture as well as new European art. These are the influences that continue to define and inspire his work today.

With seven years of professional training, Liao graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Major in Fine Arts. Liao’s paintings combine traditional mediums with modern techniques, offering his audience another dimension of the experience. In 2017, William won the Art Battle Vancouver, received the Silver Medal at the Signature Medal Show at the Federation Gallery, as well as first place at the Acrylics in Action show.

The West End Gallery is celebrating the first Joie de Vivre – Sacha Barrette exhibition in Victoria from October 2 to 14.

Barrette completed his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Quebec in Montreal in 1982 and has worked successfully in several advertising agencies. Having also worked in teaching private art lessons, Barrette’s love for painting intensified and he made the leap of faith to devote himself entirely to painting.

Inspired by her travels across North and South America and Europe, Barrette’s color palette is a rich combination of deep ocher, burnt orange, rich burgundy and vibrant blue. Drawing viewers into familiar alleys and tranquil landscapes, Sacha’s paintings offer a vibrant invitation to your eyes to travel through the canvas.

“Thirty years ago, I left everything for painting: my house, my job and my partner. I let art guide my nomadic approaches with only a backpack, rolled up canvas and my colors. Since I didn’t like boulevards and main streets, I always went through the alleys, leading from one to the other until I reached my destination. It was during one of these walks, at a time when I did not know what to paint, that I found everything I was looking for in an alley. There is a wide range of colors in an alleyway, nature and architecture can be enjoyed, with a beautiful and inspiring point of escape. There is also this frozen time far from urban modernity, this rural atmosphere imprinted on the walls of fences, garages and interior courtyards. These little corners of the city where humans have tinkered behind the brick facades, a glimpse of each person’s life. Since then, I have never stopped painting these alleys, each time as if it was the first. They have become the engine of my inspiration ”.

For this new series, Barrette painted the alleys with a new approach. They are no longer painted from real and existing places, but purely inspired by his imagination. For the landscapes, it is the landscapes just around his home, the paths of which he walks at least every other day. And the ponds come directly from memories of his last trip to France.

From October 16 to 28, West End is hosting an exhibition by Robert Savignac – Le Bonheur au Quotidien

Savignac was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1946 and grew up to study at Cégep du Vieux-Montreal and the University of Quebec. Known for lovingly painting the chaotic splendor and lush abundance of urban gardens, Robert’s latest collection is bursting with color. Playing with real landscapes and his imagination, he creates beautiful and welcoming oases on canvas. Flowers spill over from balconies, vines crawl along the stone walls, as the dappled sunlight casts its light and shadow. Masterfully playing with perspective, composition and a palette of jewels, he delights in creating contemporary portraits of floral spaces. An artist, who loves to share his love of painting, takes the viewer with him on a journey to the quiet respite of the garden. Robert’s works are featured in many private collections in Canada and Europe and is one of Canada’s most sought-after artists. “I would tell you that the goal sought through the paintings has remained unchanged for all these years, namely the creation of imaginary places that bring the viewer a feeling of well-being and joy. A place where we want to live. It is first of all about emotions and not about a structure around a theme.

Visit westendgalleryltd.com to learn more.

Madrona Gallery presents a solo exhibition of 19 new paintings by Rick Bond.

With a career spanning four decades, Bond has become internationally recognized for his expressive landscapes that combine vivid colors and a loose brush to embody the atmosphere of the coast.

Born in Victoria and raised in the Gulf Islands, Bond now resides near Vernon where he continues to refine his style and develop new collections of work for exhibitions across the country. Bond studied at Okanagan University College, Pearson College, the Federation of Canadian Artists, and the Emily Carr College of Art and Design Outreach Program. This will be Bond’s seventh solo show with the Madrona Gallery.

For more details on the exhibition, please contact the gallery or visit madronagallery.com.

To raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts for mental health, the Bateman Foundation partners with other organizations in our community to celebrate the intersections between the arts and health.

Relief: A Transformative Journey Through the Rockies is a new photography exhibition that explores Canada’s mental health and iconic landscapes. The new internal exhibition that explores the magic of nature through a collection of spectacular images. Each photograph captures a special moment spent among the indomitable majesty of the Rocky Mountains, accompanied by journal entries that provide a window into the artist’s physical and mental journey. Viewers are encouraged to slow down, breathe, and have an immersive experience.

The relief will be on display at the Bateman Gallery in Victoria’s Inner Harbor until January 29, 2022. Photographs from the exhibition will be available for purchase, with proceeds supporting the artist and the ongoing work of the Bateman Foundation to establish relationships with nature.

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