RiNo mural goes 3D to push for prison reform

DENVER – The skill used to paint the walls of the River North Arts District is undeniable. Almost all large flat surfaces are covered with a mural with a message.

“The number of hours spent on some of them is crazy when you stop to think about it,” Buck Adams said, looking around.

But an artistic creation exhibited outside is a courtesy of those inside.

“It’s a collage of artwork we received from inmates in 32 states,” said Adams, the head of the company behind the mural, in Denver7.

The overall piece is a bit of a mosaic, made up of over 400 pieces in total.

“The Statue of Liberty represents the house of liberty,” Adams said. “So we put that behind the bars superimposed on the map of the United States.”

Which is testament to the fact that despite the amount of talent on display, most artists cannot take advantage of it. This is the message of this fresco.

“Prison reform. Make changes to allow inmates to earn money while incarcerated, ”said Adams, director of Art for Redemption.

This money could be used for restitution, child support, to make phone calls to family or friends, or even to save money upon release from prison. This is a problem on several levels, as Adams himself admits. That’s why the mural itself has multiple layers, thanks to an app on your phone when you point your camera at the mural.

“You unlock it and it becomes a 3D look with the Statue of Liberty inside a cage that opens with the Statue of Liberty on the left with the art collage wrapped around it,” said he declared.

If you would like to see the mural, it is located at 3722 Chestnut Place in Denver.

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