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Written by Ali Grutchfield, Images courtesy of SCAD Animation Studios

The Savannah College of Art and Design is constantly at the forefront of new waves of storytelling. SCAD Animation Studios is a facet of the animation department which produces a new animation project every year. Their latest release and second project, “Hex Limit”, were presented at this year’s SCAD AnimationFest. SCAD Animation President Chris Gallagher and some of the most involved students guided viewers through the development process of “Hex Limit” from pre-production to distribution.

‘Hex Limit’ director Jordan Flemming, fourth-year animation student, noted that “when we started this production, we had one goal: to create an action comedy. At first, Hex Limit was not our original concept. “Hex Limit” was the final concept, although it didn’t come easily. After sifting through “very different ideas for our film, such as storybook fantasies, samurai and witches, we finally branched off from the concept of the witch and developed it into the fantasy run of the century. “. While managing a team of over 80 national and international SCAD students, Flemming had to coordinate with a multitude of writers and creators to form a story that had the voice of every student. “Hex Limit” producer Dejanna Price, a fourth-year animation student, attributes their success to “the emphasis on collaboration and friendships to host a truly great project” and how each found it. motivation and value in “practicing animation and storytelling skills.” on something really worthwhile.

Illustration with "Hexadecimal limit" written in neon letters

Once the actual plot was established, Colors Giraldo, Head of Story, and recent SCducing students and projects that shatter glass ceilings, focused on “something very important, which defined our three riders, because we wanted their personalities to be very clear. and the public could quickly get involved. Because “Hex Limit” was a story without dialogue, the overall production team didn’t want to be hampered by underdeveloped characters, and therefore prioritized their beings from the start. According to Giraldo, “Throughout the process, we always thought of new ways to make it more exciting and really push the boundaries of what this movie could be.” An example of their creative innovation can be found in the mix of animation styles. Although the film features fully three-dimensional characters, it departs from a traditional animation style by including two-dimensional effects on top.

hexadecimal limit poster with name and character illustrations

Hex Limit Artistic Director Julia Kartcheva, third year animation student, credits the constant communication and collaboration with leading to Hex Limit’s unique visual and environmental appearances. “We built the world of Hex Limit to mix elements of traditional Gothic fantasy with more urban cyber-punk elements,” Kartcheva said. “Our biggest goal was to push what we can do in terms of style with a three-dimensional film. Taking inspiration from video games, we discovered that the real key was to develop stylized and pictorial textures. The film features the characters in eight different locations, all of which were to be created from scratch. Kartcheva said this was mostly accomplished by “breaking down brushstrokes into graphic shapes” and completing a comprehensive style guide.

Illustrated character in yellow top with purple hair
Illustrated character with horns and orange beard

“Even though I know all the Easter eggs in Hex Limit, I feel like I could look at this environment forever and continually discover new things in it,” Flemming said. Kartcheva said she was proud that “in just one year we were able to develop a visually stunning look to accompany the fast-paced and exciting story of Hex Limit”. These SCAD students defy the odds of a distant society and, rather than putting matters on the back burner for the past year, they’ve created a film that succeeds in both appearance and depth of story. Now the question everyone is asking is, what are they going to do next?

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