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Celebrate “We love the bus day” to encourage children to take the bus! Create a one-time event or monthly incentive to take the bus to school! Taking the bus reduces traffic congestion and emissions at school, creating a safer environment. Bus stops allow your kids to meet other people in the neighborhood and build community. Plan with your school to encourage students to take the bus on the announced day and offer rewards as simple as a sticker or a high five!

Steps to Organize a Successful Bus Event

1. Get organized. Form a “We love the bus” school team that includes students, parents and teachers. Make sure the principal is on board.

Start planning your event. There are many things you can add to a bus event to increase children’s ability to participate!

  • Will it be a one-time event or a regular event?

  • Decide on rewards such as a sticker for taking the bus.

  • Set a goal and get the students involved! Create a poster or tracking sheet to post the results.

  • Create a simple login and draw prizes.

  • Post the dates in the school bulletin and throughout the school.

2. Recruit volunteers. Check with your PTO, neighborhood association, and school staff to help you welcome students and celebrate school.

3. Promote. Post the school newsletter and put up posters throughout the school and in the neighborhood.

4. Security plan. Promote safe driving with this video!

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