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Robin with two works of art. (Robin Nance Metz)

Birmingham is a little grayer today as we remember beloved local artist Robin Nance Metz, who died on September 23. Here’s a look at Robin’s career and how she brought sunshine to The Magic City.

About Robin

Robin Nance Metz
As a child of the 60s, his muse was heavily influenced by his vibrant childhood. (Robin Nance Metz)

Robin was a Southern girl from the start. Although born in Nashville, Tennessee, she has spent most of her life in Alabama. Both of her parents being artists, she grew up surrounded by art and creativity.

Attracted to art from an early age, Robin pursued an artistic career by attending Montevallo University and Auburn University.

Spending the first part of her career as a graphic designer and commercial illustrator, Robin later painted for galleries and worked with clay.

In a 2021 interview with Bham Now, Robin said:

“I loved the job, but I loved my children more and retired from the commercial art world. Shortly after that I started painting for galleries.

My journey as an illustrator and my childhood influences have merged into what has become my current work. Over the past eight years I have been introduced to clay and have enjoyed seeing my two dimensional work blossom into the third dimension.

Robin Nance Metz, Artist, Birmingham

here comes the sun

Robin Nance Metz
Robin’s first solar artwork featured on CBS Sunday morning. (Robin Nance Metz)

Across multiple mediums, Robin’s art has focused on subjects like cats, fish, and the moon. But in Birmingham, she was best known for her portrayal of the sun.

In 2020, Robin’s art focused on something shiny: the sun. One morning, when she felt inspired, she sent some of her works to CBS Sunday morning. Each Sunday, the show featured solar artwork from artists across the country.

Soon after, his solar artwork made it into the series. Not once… but seven times!

While his beautiful sunshine art inspired art lovers and designers in Birmingham, things weren’t so bright behind the scenes. It was around this time that Robin was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

See Robin’s Art

Robin Nance Metz
Walking under the sun—another work by Robin featured on CBS Sunday morning. (Robin Nance Metz)

Despite Robin’s diagnosis, her friends say she retained her sunny disposition and outlook on life, just like the art she loved to make.

She continued to create and had many of her pieces exhibited in local galleries, such as The Gallery of Joy at Homewood Cumberland Presbyterian. His work has also been featured at Robin Nance Metz Gallery at the Presbyterian Church in Montevallo.

We spoke with Robin about a year after her diagnosis when her seventh solar piece was featured on CBS Sunday morning. Here is what she said:

“I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to show people that hope is a good thing and that it is real. You have to focus on the good things. If you don’t, the sun, you will miss the moon, the cup of coffee on the porch and the laughter of life.

Robin Nance Metz, Artist, Birmingham

Robin is survived by her husband and daughter.

To see Robin’s work, you can find it on display at The Nance Metz Gallery at the Presbyterian Church of Montevallo until Friday, October 14.

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