Spider-Man 4 MCU – The 10 Best Villains We Want To See

Spider-Man has arguably one of the best rogue galleries in superhero comics. From Green Goblin to Doctor Octopus, opponents of the webhead are a prime example of how to create human, identifiable villains in a fantasy universe. It’s telling that many of the villains from Stan Lee-Steve Ditko’s original race have remained as popular as they were back then.

When it came to movies, there were plenty of characters for producers to choose from. And when these films hit our screens, it’s fair to say that overall they’ve done a good job of adapting them to their contemporary audiences. But while it’s been great to see Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Vulture, and Mysterio make their movie debuts, there are still plenty of core Spider-Man villains we haven’t seen onscreen yet. And with the announcement of a new trilogy in the works, hopefully we’ll see more newly adapted villains in the next Spider-Man movie.

Without further ado, here are the ten best villains we want to see Peter Parker fight in the MCU. Spider-Man 4!

10) Silver mane

Spider-Man 4 MCU Villains

Silvermane is an elderly crime lord who is desperate to reclaim his lost youth. In the comics, Silvermane takes on the Tablet of Time – an ancient artifact that restores youth. However, the comic book story is vastly less than the ’90s cartoon, which has Silvie interlocking horns with Kingpin on the MacGuffin, causing chaos all over New York City.

Silvermane’s introduction could help introduce Tom Holland’s Spider-Man into the murky world of Mafia politics. A gang war between Silvermane and Kingpin would be a new premise of costumed criminals. And given that he’s also Daredevil’s shebang, what better excuse to have a Parker-Murdock team movie?

9) Screw ball

Spider-Man 4 MCU Villains

Alright, alright, listen to me. Screwball could in no way be the main villain in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. However, she’s entertaining and original enough to deserve a small supporting role, surely? The character is an exploration of the dangerous obsession of social media celebrities. And in an internet-driven culture like ours, is there anything more timely and appropriate?

A good scenario would be for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to catch him and force him to use his mastery of social media to hunt down the main antagonist. Meanwhile, she can provide the mood boosters Marvel relishes in their films – related to their internet obsession, of course. If Marvel wants some brave comedic relief in their upcoming Spider-Man films, they’d be foolish not to include Screwball as a villain at some point.

8) black cat

Black cat

Like Batman’s Catwoman, Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat repeatedly dances around the line between antihero and villain. Indeed, whether she is Spider-Man’s friend or foe depends on the story. For a while in the ’80s stories, she even dated Spider-Man, eventually discovering her identity.

That said, Felicia never liked Peter, the man – she liked Spider-Man, the fiction. The two team up for a while (with Felicia trying to convince Peter to give up his civilian life), creating one of the most awkward Spider-Man romances of all time. Still, the material is compelling enough to warrant an MCU makeover – and now that Tom Holland’s Peter is newly single, maybe it’s time to get him to meet Felicia? Maybe she could start off as one of the villains in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, who betrays his comrades to help Spidey?

7) The Jackal

the Jackal

If Professor Miles Warren AKA The Jackal honors the MCU, there’s only one way to justify his appearance. This justification? The saga of the clones. And while the comedic version is widely derided as one of the worst Spidey stories of all time, can Feige surely “fix” the arc of his films? After all, watch how he adapted the controversial source material that inspired No way home.

The Jackal is considered one of Peter’s greatest enemies in the comics due to the way he destroys his life with his Spider-Clones. Peter Parker himself thinks that he has been a clone for some time and ditched the webs to the supposed real Spidey for a while. However, it’s ultimately revealed that Peter was the real Spider-Man from the start – and the Clone Saga was Norman Osborn’s ploy to play with him. A barely fitting conclusion for several months of history, but the potential was there at the start. The MCU can learn from these mistakes to improve the villainous Jackal’s story with their upcoming Spider-Man movie.

6) The kingpin

Central pivot

We know Kingpin is returning to the MCU at the Hawk Eye Shock ending of Episode 5. This confirms that we can see Hawkeye take on the bald crime lord. And when Charlie Cox inevitably returns to the folds of the MCU, we’ll see the two rivals go head to head. However, while this latter hero helped increase the character’s popularity in the comics, many forget that Kingpin started out as a Spider-Man villain.

Seeing Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin fight Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be a nerd’s dream come true. And hey, since the Kingpin rules the crime roost in New York City, that only suggests that Spidey would ultimately face him. In the comics and cartoons, Kingpin is linked to mobs and several supervillains, which offers unlimited potential for Spidey’s stories.

5) Hobgoblin


If you don’t know this orange hooded criminal from the 80s comics, you’ll recognize him from the 90s Spider Man cartoon that made it even more popular. But whatever your first taste of “the other goblin”, he remains one of Spidey’s greatest enemies. Now his powers are cool and all, but the shine of the Hobgoblin lies in its mystery.

You see, for much of the comics, no one knew who Hobgoblin’s true identity was. has been. Marvel’s Powers-That-Be has prolonged the mystery for a long time, to entice readers to follow the story. In a way, this isn’t much different from how Green Goblin was treated in his first appearances in the ’60s before Norman Osborn was revealed. That said, there is plenty of Hobgoblin material ready for adaptation and could give the MCU Spider-Man films its first true mystery arc to set it apart from previous installments. And wouldn’t that be a new twist of the formula?

4) Rhinoceros

“But he appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 2! “you’re crying. Well, to some extent that’s true. However, her appearance in said film is more of an appearance than an actual appearance in and of itself. Marvel and Sony may have regretted this silly iteration since they did not bother to recruit Paul Giamatti for No way home, his villain relegated to an impromptu reference.

That said, if Marvel reintroduced Rhino into the MCU with more care and attention than after the fact TASM2, there is potential there. In the comics, Rhino is a Russian hitman who wears a rhino battle suit to make his mark. While this is quite intriguing, his powers offer limitless potential for visual spectacle in fight scenes – as long as they don’t overdo with his design like Paul Giamatti’s version …

3) Kraven the Hunter

Yes, I realize that Sony is already producing a character-centric feature film. However, I sincerely hope that Aaron Taylor-Thomson’s performance impresses enough to warrant a crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Raised in the jungle, Kraven the Hunter is a deadly foe and turns out to be more than a match for the wall-crawler through the comics and cartoons.

However, let’s be realistic. Those of us who love Spider-Man want to see some live action Kraven’s Last Hunt adaptation. Considered one of the darkest Spider-Man stories to spice up the pages, Kraven finally defeats his longtime nemesis and buries him alive. Meanwhile, the villain takes the role of Spider-Man in place of Peter. Wouldn’t this story translate well on the big screen?

2) Chameleon

Villainous Spider-Man 4 MCU

In Stan Lee-Steve Ditko’s original race, Chameleon is one of the first villains Spider-Man has ever fought. Yet despite being Spidey’s first enemy, he’s something of an anomaly in his thug’s gallery. On the one hand, Chameleon doesn’t have any real superpowers. Instead, he’s simply a master of disguise.

That said, the animated ’90s version gives Chameleon a high-tech belt that allows him to mimic the appearance of whoever he sees. Given that the MCU is trying to blend different iterations of its beloved characters into one stew, I think a mix between the comic book and cartoon incarnations would be a good choice – and force Peter to further refine his. Spider-Sense to detect his enemy who can be anyone at any time. Additionally, Chameleon is linked to Kraven in the comics, which could make them work together to take down Spidey. And what a good story to two bad guys this would be for MCUs Spider-Man 4!

1) Scorpio


It’s a shame Scorpion hasn’t fought Spider-Man in the MCU yet, because he’s been teased before. In the mid-credits sequence of Back home, an imprisoned Mac Gargon asks Adrian Toomes who Spider-Man is. Toomes, for some reason, claims he doesn’t know Spidey’s identity, claiming that if he did, the Wall Robot would be dead already.

Michale Mando (mainly famous nowadays for You better call Saul) really sells himself as a vengeful thug seeking revenge on Spidey. And it seemed the powers that be were preparing him for the sequel. However, from No way home, Gargan cannot be found. Hoping that Kevin Feige and his cronies get Mando back in the next trilogy. It would be great to see how they deal with the villain swinging tail in live MCU style for Spider-Man 4.

Having said that, what bad guys you like to see when the MCU is working on their Spider-Man 4?

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