The Arca adds a contemporary touch to the Southside

All Hong Kong people know that life in our crazy and hectic city would not be bearable without an occasional getaway. That’s why we bring you “Staycation Suite”, where we review some of the finest hotel suites in Hong Kong and Macau. Evaluated by the quality of the accommodation, F&B, and the perks we get – not to mention the pure ‘wow’ factor – our column brings you in-depth advice on where to spend your money when it comes to take a well-deserved R&R.

There is a lot to love in the South District of Hong Kong. Ocean Park, on the one hand, our many hiking trails and beaches, and, of course, the plenitude of local art galleries and breweries just outside the Wong Chuk Hang MTR station. Now there is a newcomer to town: the flagship destination of the Yulan Group; a new “playground for millennial explorers” – the Arca.

Overlooking Aberdeen Harbor and designed and organized with warmth and comfort in mind, the Arca is home to 187 spacious guest rooms, complemented by a fitness center, gallery, event space and rooftop bar with a overflowing swimming pool. Premium: Parents will be happy to know that Arca is a pet friendly hotel with Pawlious in-room dining options for your furry child.

Tell us more about the room you stayed in.

The Sea Suite is lavish one-bedroom accommodation with impeccably detailed interiors and the most beautiful harbor views. The suite had a large kitchenette, breakfast bar, and 1.5 bathrooms (plus the prettiest little tub to boot!). Bonus: the brand of the hair dryer is a dream.

The atmosphere was all in turquoise on light wood, giving us plenty vacation. Oddly enough, we were also assigned the room of my date of birth – 2702! Sometimes it’s enough to celebrate the small victories.

With its distinctively soft hued color, the carefully put together furniture makes the entire space appear much larger than its size of 780 square feet. We loved the little touches in the room, especially the art manual on the table which detailed all of the main pieces on display around the hotel, a nice way to learn about local artists.

We are hungry. What is on the menu?

Arca Company

Just around the corner from the check-in counter you will find Arca Society – an all-day dining restaurant that offers Asian and Western culinary flavors. Now that the weather is finally cooling off, their outdoor patio is a great place to relax after work, especially if your time there syncs up with Happy Hour (5-8pm) – a BOGO deal that’s hard to beat.

Although Arca Society does not currently offer a dinner service, it does to do have an excellent semi-buffet barbecue brunch on Sunday. At HK $ 398 per person, you’ll have a choice of two grill options (loved the lamb chops and lobster tail) and unlimited plates from the appetizer and dessert table.

Arca Sky

Perched atop the hotel is Arca Sky, one of the only rooftop bars on this side of town. Their offerings include classic cocktails, specially selected wines and beers, as well as a selection of tasty bar bites.

Experiences to recharge your batteries?

Rooftop swimming pool

For those looking to get some Insta-worthy shots in this pool – you get a full 270-degree view of Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter and Ap Lei Chau – you’ll need to book by November 7, when the closing date is pool. .

Also check out the mural, created by one of Hong Kong’s most famous artist duos, Rebecca Lin and Carol Mui from #creativehustlers.

Arca Cup

Open 24 hours a day and surprisingly well equipped for its limited size, the Arca’s fitness facilities. If you’re motivated enough, it’s definitely worth going there to burn some calories, especially if you’ve indulged in Sunday brunch like we did. The hotel also offers a monthly pass for HK $ 500, ideal if you are working in the area.

Art Gallery

Located right in front of Arca fit is the art gallery space with rotating works depending on the season. You’ll have to check their website for lineup updates, but it’ll be worth a relaxed stroll while you’re at it.

Anyway, is it worth splurging?

The Southside remains a fairly untapped area in terms of entertainment. The only reason I have made the trip lately was to check out Water World. However, I will admit that the Arca brings a much appreciated air of understated luxury and culture to the neighborhood, a heartwarming hub in the midst of all the industrial warehouses on the same street.

Drinks at Arca / Yulan group

At a starting price of HK $ 2,800 per night, the Sea Suite is a wonderful option for those looking to leave the more centralized neighborhoods. If you want to soak up even more of the culture, combine your stay with an art walk through the area’s galleries, then end the day with one of the Young Master Brewery tours. Look, I just planned a great weekend for all of you.

In short, the Arca? I dig it.

43 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, +852 3701 6000

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