The art of Monica Jimeno, Mona Ballesteros, Mehmet Güldiz exhibited at the Basel Art Biennale

Artwork “Piet Mondrian” by Monica Jimeno

Artwork “En Camino” by MONA Ballesteros

Artwork “Homo Corona” by Mehmet Güldiz

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, June 17, 2022 / — A lot of artistic things happen in Basel during the Art Basel week. The Fondation Beyeler presents the exhibition “Mondrian Evolution”. The Kunstmuseum Basel presents the special exhibition “Picasso – El Greco”. And the MAMAG Museum of Modern Art of Austria transforms the Grand Salon of the Hotel Victoria in Basel into an art museum and presents the “Contemporary & Fine Basel Art Biennale” from June 17 to 19, 2022.

Contemporary & Fine Art Biennale Basel presents selected artists from all over the world with precise vision and technique. Art is a mirror of society and shows how artists react to social and political changes, but also what moves artists in the different phases of their lives. Art polarizes, but also unites and can be a creative source of inner strength for many viewers. The bridging role of art and diversity was important to Biennale curator Heinz Playner when selecting artists for this exhibition.

The Basel Biennale will present the work of nearly 80 artists from all over the world.

Works by Tanja Playner, Brenda Fernandez, Romeo Dobrota, Simon Abt, Rebeccah Klodt, Monica Jimeno, Mehmet Güldiz, Max Werner, Almas Kabani, Darcy Gerbarg, Aigerim Bektayeva, Vera Kober, Heather Lynn, Safranda Mammadova, Aigerim Bektayeva, Stephen Najda, Young-Sik Lee, Dieneke Tiekstra and other artists can be seen at the Biennale.

MONA was born in Ibague, Colombia. Her passion for the plastic arts began in her early years when she received her high-level training in architectural design which is reflected in the rigorous structure of her paintings. She studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Versailles, France. She then experimented with various mixed techniques and materials, exploring “Costumbrismo” (an art movement that deals with typical regional and national customs), depicting human figures and their interaction with diverse and creative spaces. During her years in Paris and through her travels through the Americas, Europe and Asia, she was able to study and experience different cultures in order to capture them in her personal work. After many years of study that developed her passion for the arts, Mona now lives in Bogota, Colombia, working full time and exploring urban and street art in depth. Mona Ballesteros has presented her work in France, Colombia and Belgium.

Heather Lynn is a contemporary artist based in Washington DC. She specializes in large-scale residential, commercial and commission work. Lynn’s work is often dense with her self created textural mediums and built with vibrant color, movement and depth. Lynn has enjoyed great success as a professional artist with representation in Washington DC, New York, Miami and Paris. She loves participating in juried exhibitions and has exhibited across America and Europe. She enjoys working with art consultants, interior designers and collectors to find the right piece in her inventory or in an order for a client. Her most recent work has included research into healing crystals, sand, stone and recycled glass. Lynn has created an innovative technique where she combines, crushes materials and infuses them into her paintings.

A notable artist is also Monica Jimeno from Spain. The Basel Biennale will present his work “Piet Mondrian” from the collection “My journey from impressionism to modernism” in the interpretation of Monica Jimeno. She has portrayed celebrities like José María Garcia, Roberto Soldado, Álvaro Negrero, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chenoa, David Bisbal, Jorge Sara Carrión, Luis Miguel Gallego, Desiré Cordero, Sebastián Rullí (Actor), Luis Rollan, Rafael Amargo and many more. others. Each work of the artist has an expressive and vivid character. Bright colors, soulful looks, moving poses are the hallmarks of Monica’s artworks. Many works communicate through their gaze with the critic. The quick strokes give a particular character to his work. His works are highly sought after worldwide and have been featured in exhibitions such as Carrousel du Louvre Paris, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, PAKS Gallery in Austria and Germany, Art Fair Madrid and other exhibitions.

Mehmet Güldiz was born in Istanbul in November 1963. Having an innate interest in drawing, he left high school and started working in advertising agencies while accepting commissions for illustrations. Later, he completed his high school education as an external student and he was accepted by the Department of Advertising Graphics of the Faculty of Applied Fine Arts of Marmara University, from which he graduated. Mehmet Güldiz dropped out of college to start a boutique advertising agency with a friend, which continued until about ten years ago. Since then, he has only done commissioned illustration work with no direct involvement in the advertising industry. In the meantime, he draws three comic strips. About five years ago he decided to embark on an attempt to express his thoughts with a philosophical approach in an illustrative graphic style, resulting in the present series of paintings.

The Basel Art Biennale also presents works by Dieneke Tiekstra. The artist creates multi-faceted works of art. The biggest building blocks of his sculptures are puzzles of various sizes. The creation of the sculpture takes a long time from the precise creation period. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions from Paris, Vienna, Munich to New York, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Oxford.

The Contemporary & Fine Art Biennale Basel can be visited on June 18 and 19, 2022. Opening on June 17.
June 18, 2022: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
June 19, 2022: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Opening: June 17, 2022: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Venue: Hotel Victoria
Centralbahnplatz 3-4
4002 Basel

K. Heinz Player
MAMAG Museum of Modern Art
[email protected]

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