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The cinemas were inaugurated in 1994 with the shopping center. Photo: (Sip)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 6, 2021) .- The Covid-19 coronavirus health crisis forced the largest cinema chains in the country to close some complexes because of the drop in their income since they had to suspend work for months.

Merida not left out and was unfortunately unveiled on social networks on closing of Gran Plaza cinemas, as posted on the CineXtesia action Facebook page.

Many factors forced officials to make this decision, such as low attendance unlike other resorts, shutting down facilities for nine months from the start of the pandemic to the present day, as well as paying high rents within the venue. .

To cope and avoid the final closure, it was learned that an attempt had been made to renegotiate with the commercial center the rent payments with discounts to cope with the great loss of money they suffered due to the pandemic.

However, according to the publication of CineXtesia Accion, the administration of Gran Plaza did not want to renegotiate or put difficult conditions for the film company.

An important factor in the low attendance of moviegoers on the site is the great competition that exists for the various neighboring complexes that have opened up over time.

We know that by dismantling all the infrastructures, the premises will be available for a new company or an independent exhibitor chain which takes advantage of the facilities and invests.


With the closure of these cinemas, an era ends, since this complex was one of the first located north of the city.

It was inaugurated in 1994 with the opening of the Gran Plaza Mérida and had six flat theater-style rooms, owned by the Gene Anay company under the name Cines Hollywood.

In 2000, the Cinépolis cinemas were inaugurated in the Plaza de Las Américas, and not to be outdone, seven other stadium-style theaters were built on the Gran Plaza in 2002.

At one time, 13 cinemas were operating in Gran Plaza Merida. However, six have been closed and the mall has only seven left.

Years later, the theaters were sold to the MM CINEMAS chain, which bought several Hollywood Cinema complexes in the city (Gran Plaza, Galerias, Macroplaza) and changed their names.

Some time later, the complex was bought by the company Cinemex, which is the current name of the complex.

The large number of cinema complexes open near the Gran Plaza, such as Cinemex Península Montejo Platino, Cines Siglo XXI, Cinemex Galerias Mérida and Cinépolis The Harbor Mérida, among others, have in some way affected the attendance of moviegoers, which have other options.

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