The Kitchen launches $ 28 million fundraising campaign to secure the future

New York-based arts association The Kitchen is launching a five-year, $ 28 million fundraising campaign to raise money for the renovation of its historic home in the Chelsea neighborhood and to secure its future. The organization, which supports artists working in a range of practices and is particularly known for encouraging the city’s experimental and performance music scenes over the past decades, has scheduled the effort to coincide with its fiftieth anniversary, which takes place this year. The campaign is overseen by Director Legacy Russell, who took over the kitchen last June after the departure of Tim Griffin, who had led the organization for a decade, and by President and Board President Greg Feldman and Mia Tuttle, respectively. administration of the association. President.

Restoration of the West Nineteenth Street home, a former 1920s icehouse that it has occupied since 1986, is slated to begin in spring 2022 under the aegis of New York-based architects Rice + Lipka. The start of the renovation was made possible by the fact that the kitchen had already secured a pledge of $ 19 million to meet its goal and approved a design plan, both under Griffin’s direction. The restoration will provide a more accessible hall, a new studio for artist residencies and education programs, and a new gallery, as well as a closed roof and more rentable spaces, allowing the organization to diversify its sources of income. In particular, the kitchen will commit to using electrical energy as part of its efforts to go green.

“The Kitchen, which has been both artist-focused and forward-looking from the start, is well equipped to navigate the myriad of questions our field faces about the future of art and the role that institutions should have to shape it. Looking inward too, on the 50th anniversary of the Kitchen, we ask ourselves not only “Who has been part of the history of the organization and how can we celebrate this presence and this contribution?” “, But also” Who has not is part of the story that brings us to this point – or the story that we are building – and in what ways can this next chapter make room for their stories to be told? “Our building renovation helps us support a wider range of avant-garde artists, in new ways, as they lead the way,” Russell said in a statement.


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