Tokyo-style listen bar, In Between Days, opens this month in St. Pete – St. Pete Rising

“We don’t see music as something that only serves to fill the silence. We see it as something gastronomic. We are everyone’s demographics.

Here, handcrafted sake and carefully selected natural wines converge with hi-fi, curated music of all genres on an ever-changing menu. Attention to detail radiates throughout the space. There will be events, art, listening evenings, and opportunities to connect with other types of creation – all of it will be announced.

For Ashton and his co-founder Elio Marini, a local film producer and fellow Florida man, the idea is to create not just a bar, but as they call it, a “house of culture.” It will be a place to slow down, to take it all in with all your senses.

“We want to inspire the community,” says Ashton. “When you come here you don’t know what you’re going to get. The food will change. The music will change. Lighting at night, you can not imagine. You’re going to walk in and think “where am I?” »Am I in Tokyo? Barcelona? “

“We want to capture the feeling of discovery, to enter a palace that you’ve never been before and which is not like you at home,” adds Marini. “People will come here and maybe hear things they know well, but things they certainly don’t hear on the radio.”

Two passionate entrepreneurs with a palpable respect for craftsmanship and subtly, Ashton and Marini worked closely with audio, food and design experts from around the world to bring their vision to life, including David Heath, the detail-savvy behind one of LA’s most beloved. listen bars.

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