Yakshagana artists will soon receive a pension

The Academy has not yet received the list from the government.

The Academy has not yet received the list from the government.

Karnataka Yakshagana Academy President GL Hegde said on Sunday that Yakshagana performers will also soon receive a pension from the state government.

Speaking at a reception hosted by the academy at Kamalashile in Udupi district to present the annual awards, Mr Hegde said the academy has yet to receive the list of artists eligible for the award from the government. the pension. But the artists‘ pension is in sight.

Stating that Yakshagana has a history of over 1,000 years, the President said that this particular art form has contributed immensely to nurturing the classical Kannada language.

Worried that Yakshagana was becoming “too commercial”, he said that many artists of yesteryear had built and promoted Yakshagana by selling their property, farmland and gold. This is due to their penchant for the art form. Such an art form built over the years should continue to maintain its desi form, he said.

Referring to today’s events in the “chowki” (green room) of Yakshagana, he said that many artists were not communicating with their fellow artists. Instead, they are seen busy chatting on social media or browsing before entering the stage or after they leave the stage. Some artists leave the place of performance as soon as their roles are finished. “The human relationship in the green room is disappearing,” he said.

Previously, there was a system in place where junior performers interacted with seniors and learned from them the nuances of the art form in the Green Room before and after a performance. There was total teamwork in putting on the shows, he said.

The Bhagawatha (singer-manager) of each Yakshagana mela (touring troupe) now has a greater role to play by taking control of teammates to restore human relationship in the green room to improve performance, said the president and asked the artists to follow the instructions of the Bhagawatha.

Every artist should have the responsibility to maintain the art form in its true form by actively participating in teamwork, he said.

“Yakshagana Academy has other roles to play in promoting Yakshagana. It is not the duty of the academy to correct any deviations in a Yakshagana performance,” he said.

The president said that the academy is preparing an encyclopedia of Yakshagana. When it’s ready, it’ll be a great addition to the literature.

Karnataka State Standing Backward Classes Commission Chairman K. Jayaprakash Hegde said the academy should set up a fund to help poor performers in crisis.

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